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Reform atheists join leftist loonies against Jewish state

The Reform Movement, WZO-Ameinu, other politically correct self-hating Jews lambasted the Knessetís effort at blocking the Supreme Courtís ruling that commanded the Jewish National Fund to lease Arabs the land developed with Jewish donorsí money.

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…it’s the same everywhere, right now, you pay for the improvements, you do the work, and someone else quickly steps in and takes it from you, or publically takes all the credit or ownership…legality and morality are no longer cherished values…what you can steal and how you steal it…is what is applauded by the powerplayers…
the ebb has become the flow of the tide…

yoni 30 July 2007

“Real estate brokers in La Jolla developed methods of thwarting home purchases by potential buyers they considered undesirable on the basis of class, race, or ethnicity. While housing prices excluded people of lower incomes, realtors also evaluated prospective buyers through a prism of racial and ethnic assumptions. Many La Jollans considered Jews among the unworthy, regardless of their appearance, income, or education. La Jolla had an unwritten understanding, a ‘gentlemen’s agreement,’ regarding Jews in the 1950s. La Jollans wanted to keep Jews out of their town because of class fears as well as anti-Semitism.”


it’s never okay when we’re discriminated against, but it’s perfectly acceptable for us to discriminate against others. got it.

ew jerusalem 01 August 2007

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