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Rahm Emanuel sorry he is not an Arab

The father of Obama’s chief of staff is a very right-wing Jew, a former member of Irgun. In an interview with Maariv, he wrongly surmised that Rahm would be very pro-Israel because “he is not an Arab.” (Never mind Jimmy Carter also was not an Arab.)
Rahm apologized to American Arabs for his father’s remark.

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Rahm Emanuel, Arab population of the US might think, will be their enemy. That’s why he had to apologise. Besides, since Rahm Emanuel, Arabpeople of the world may suppose, is a Jew, he will does his best to promote Israeli state on the world level.

Braeden ComorosIslands 24 May 2010

Israeli racism against blacks may be an interesting topic for discussion in Obama’s administration.

Martin IleMaurice 24 May 2010

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