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Racism: What blacks can, whites cannot

Rabbi Meir Kahane condemned the racism of the Jewish establishment, which lashed out against white anti-Semites but not black ones, lest they be accused of racism. For the rabbi, people were good on their own merits, regardless of their skin color.

Israeli politicians remain silent in the face of Yediot Aharonot’s revelation of  massive corruption on the part the only Ethiopian MK, Molla, who pocketed money from Jewish and Christian charities. He is also known for demanding that the government lift the ban on pedophilia and allow Ethiopians to marry 12-year-old brides.

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Israeli racism against blacks can’t be called racism if blacks do what they do. They flood Israel and then start demanding whatever they want. Israeli racism against blacks/ what are you talking about?

Aengus Seychelles 24 May 2010

there’s only fuss about nothing as with the question

Anonymous 24 May 2010

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