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Rabin was killed 13 years ago

Israel commemorates Rabin’s untimely (too late) death with a Stalinist kind of worship, all the way down to lighting candles, silly lectures in schools, and fake sorrow in the Knesset.
The murderer of Altalena, the coward who left his soldiers on the battlefield in the War of Independence, the hysteric who collapsed during the Six-Day War, the traitor who colluded with Abbas in Oslo in return for the Arab vote in Israeli elections, the prime minister who was forced to leave his office after a corruption scandal, the defense minister who ordered Jewish teenagers to break the hands and legs of Arab teenagers during the Intifada—this is how Rabin should be remembered.
And by the way, his last speech in the Knesset rejected the peace process. That’s why Peres and Beilin had to kill Rabin.

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This just doesn’t make sense. You are effectively saying that the left killed Rabin, but it should have been done earlier by someone on the right.

I didn’t particularly like Rabin or his policies, but he was an elected leader and it is a stain on the Jewsih people that he was murdered by one of our own – and yes, he was killed by someone on the extreme right who fully admits this himself.

Whether Rabin’s political views were correct or not is irrelevant, and here I strongly disagree with the left who have made this man into a martyr, and hijacked the real meaning of this memorial day (i.e. it is wrong to murder elected political leaders, or indeed anyone).

Rabin was not a hawk, but was certainly to the right of Netanyahu today.

Jon C. Jerusalem 04 November 2008

Rabin didn’t have a consistent policy but was swayed from left to right all the time. Netanyahu, I agree with you, is still worse.

admin 05 November 2008

When was Yitzhak killed? Actually, not 13 years ago. He was first killed in hearts of people who elected him and who he betrayed. When was Yitzhak killed? Much earlier than 13 years ago.

Orin IleMaurice 24 May 2010

In comparison with Alisdair Sinclair, for example, this can’t be called a murder if you what this person has done.

Black PortLouis,Mauritius 24 May 2010

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