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Rabin still haunts Israel

[We know that the Swedish story of Israelis' stealing organs of Palestinians is not entirely off-the-wall. Nevertheless, we didn't want to be the first to touch on this subject. So, here's a newsletter by Barry Chamish.]

All of Israel, government and media, is furious at Sweden for allowed the publication of a newspaper “investigation” claiming the IDF harvests Palestinian body organs for sale on the black market. The article was a response to three New Jersey rabbis being busted for illegal kidney sales organized by an Israeli, Ilan Peri. But to take one scandal and apply it to their whole army was way too much for the Israelis:

Netanyahu to press Sweden to condemn IDF organ harvesting article
By Barak Ravid and Asaf Uni Haaretz Last update – 03:24 23/08/2009


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to press Sweden for an
official condemnation of an article in the Swedish daily Aftonbladet that
alleged Israeli soldiers “harvested” the organs of Palestinians.

The problem with the article is that Israel does not harvest Palestinian organs for under the table profits; it steals the organs of deceased ISRAELI soldiers and sells them worldwide. The primary thief is none other than state coroner Dr. Yehuda Hiss, who rewrote the autopsy of slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and thus is impervious to police or legal retribution.

From my book Save Israel:

1. www.lulu.com/content/517809

Dr. Yehuda Hiss – Last week, his pathological institute was raided and body parts, some over five years old, were found, including those of four soldiers killed in action. But Hiss was not arrested. He knows too much about Rabin for that. But one soldier’s father, Dr. Haim Buzaglo, is suing to have Hiss imprisoned and the case is coming up soon.

Dr. Hiss emptied the soldiers’ corpses of useable organs and replaced them with rags and, yes, broomsticks. Then he returned them to their families. One soldier’s father was a doctor and Dr. Buzaglo conducted his own autopsy. Hiss was finished. Or would have been if his attorney, Nitzana Leitner, wasn’t wearing him down and losing the case for the authorities.
Whenever a case has to be lost, in she comes. Here she is again, pretending to defend the victim of another Hiss body parts snatching:

Nitzana (Darshan) Leitner represents another victim of Dr. Hiss, the family of Alisdair Sinclair.
On April 14, 1998, 47 year old Alisdair Sinclair, was stopped by customs officials at Ben Gurion Airport on his way out of the country after a six day stay.
At the airport police station, Sinclair was found strangling on his shoelaces. He was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead. From there his body was transferred to the Abu Kabir Institute For Forensic Medicine and straight into the paws of Dr. Yehuda Hiss, who conducted an autopsy which concluded that Sinclair had killed himself.
On May 13, another autopsy was conducted, at the University of Glasgow and guess what? The hyoid bone at the base of the tongue was missing and so was the heart. Both were removed by Dr. Hiss. But why? No problem guessing why the hyoid bone was gone. It would reveal that Sinclair did not hang himself but was strangled by other means.
But the heart..? Leitner can only say, “Our best guess is that Hiss is involved the black market trade in human organs.”

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Dr. Hiss must be removed from the face of the earth for his sick crimes.

kidon usa 28 August 2009

If Alisdair Sinclair was murdered, then Hiss should be sentenced to death as soon as possible. But as for the dead soldiers, if their organs can save other people’s lives, why not? Unfortunately, they’re dead anyway. and other people may keep on living thanks to them. But as for Alisdair Sinclair and his murder, it’s outrageous.

Aksel GrandTurkIsland 24 May 2010

After such things one still can speak about Pesach vengeance. What sense does it make if Jews treat other Jews in this way???

Damon SanJosé,CostaRica 24 May 2010

Hiss, Rabin are so closely interconnected that it’s hard to say now who has caused more harm to Israel. Hiss, Rabin being dead now, will hopefully be seriously penalized for his disgusting activity.

Keaton Gaborone,Botswana 24 May 2010

S-300 Russia-Iran have been discussing lately is more exciting and much fresher than Rabin who was muredered quite a long time ago.

Guy Niamey 24 May 2010

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