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Rabbis use Holocaust to support Soros

Hundreds of American rabbis have signed a letter published in the Wall Street Journal. The letter demands the resignation of Fox News anchor Glenn Beck, who accused George Soros of collaborating with Nazis and using his money to promote a leftist agenda. Both charges are true.

Beck is a rare reporter in that he is critical of Muslims, and his rhetoric against Soros also serves Israeli interests well.

The rabbis should be ashamed to have spent some $120,000 of charity money for that ad. They accused Beck of exploiting Holocaust symbolism in his charges against Soros, but acted similarly by publishing their letter on Holocaust Memorial Day.

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The Zionists collaberated with the Nazi’s too. Soros is no more worse than them.

Yiggy 30 January 2011

Not really. Zionists collaborated with Nazis until 1939 and with the goal of moving Jews to the Land of Israel. Soros actually worked for Nazis, distributed what he knew were death notices.

admin 30 January 2011

I don’t think that justifies collaberating with Nazi’s. those Zionists were responsible for Jewish deaths.

Soros was no more guilty than them if you want to look at it that way, because he had no choice, or like them, felt he could better the lot of Jews by doing what he did.

Yiggy 30 January 2011

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