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Quartet braces for eviction of 260,000 Jews

The country that occupies the Kuril Islands, the country that invaded Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, an international organization that turns a blind eye to horrendous violations of human rights by Muslim regimes, and a European organization whose members fought the bloodiest war in history just six decades ago condemned Israel’s plan to build 1,600 apartments in her capital.

The only conceivable reason to ban construction in Ramat Shlomo is that it will be given away to a Palestinian state. If Ramat Shlomo is given away, the same thing will happen to other areas the Jews built up in Jerusalem. The total number of Jewish evictees in Jerusalem will thus reach 260,000.

The Quartet would make the Nazis proud.

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Why we, the Jews slways shy to the world that you are fighting the religious war against Jews already more 2000 years, try to solve your problems not by killing jewish children but by debate, come down from the tree, it is 21 century, there are some proof that you had steal our belive, say it to the world that all the fight from the fear to be named as a thief.
Now it is about time for the Jew call the thief – thef, but not vice versa. What we are affreid of. Alittle bit of the time and we, the Jews, again will be withour any piece of land and country of our own.Red S.Peres” A new Middle East”- he honestly wrout what will happen with the Jewish state.

ida Nudel Rehovot 21 March 2010

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