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Poll: Arabs accept Arab Israel

Israeli arabMuch fuss is being made over the current Jewish-Arab Relations Index, which shows that 58% of Israeli Arabs would accept life in a ‘Jewish, but democratic Israel.’ Here is the catch: for Arabs, a democratic Israel means they would have a right to determine her policies when they become sufficiently numerous. Ask them about living in a ‘Jewish Israel,’ and their approval would sink to 1215%.

More importantly, 42% of Israeli Arabs do not accept even a democratic Israel. That’s about 600,000 enemies of the state living among us.

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Good .. Jews have the Highest TITLE to the nation of ISRAEL. If the Arabs do not conform to the laws of civilization they can grab unused prayer rug, camel,wife,illiterate kids and move your funky asses back to where you came from Arabia. There you can throw rocks ,bullets at each other all day long.

fangs out 08 June 2012

Fangs out – that has got to be one of the stupidest comments I have ever read. While I agree that the Jewish population has to increase — by Aliyah, to describe Israel’s Arab population the way you did shows how narrow-minded you are. They are doctors and nurses and mechanical engineers and writers, etc., etc.

Chaya BatYam 12 June 2012

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