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Political expression must not be loud

Right-wing activist Ben Gvir was detained in Jerusalem when he shouted “Hater of Israel!” at Rahm Emanuel.

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No, we should not torture him. We should kill him. This will prevent him from spying again and save money on jail.
It may also warn others.

Ray Bright 27 May 2010

Touring the Old City, Emanuel did not care to come up to the Western Wall.
Oh really, so who’s that in the Kottel pictures on the Arutz 7 website ? I’m afraid that sometimes in your zeal to criticise, often justifiably, you are also often incorrect or at least out of date.

Harvey London 28 May 2010

Emanuel had visited the hotel earlier during this trip, but you’re right, the statement was misleading.

admin 28 May 2010

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