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Polish debacle: our analysis vindicated

Immediately after the crash of the Polish president’s plane, we suspected assassination.

Enough data has emerged since then to prove our suspicions. The plane allegedly fell from 6-8 meters, but its parts were spread over vast territory. Three quarters of the bodies were recognizable only by DNA tests, though crashes usually leave bodies relatively intact. That’s an explosion, not a crash landing.

Four shots are clearly heard on the black box recorders. The Russian claim that the guards’ firearms went off is nonsense: the shooting took place before the crash.

The Polish plane was equipped with TAWS-A avionics, which would have warned the pilot 500 feet from the surface. There is no way a TAWS-equipped plane can hit a forest by mistake. TAWS-A configuration would also warn pilots of a significant deviation from the runway, making it impossible for them to miss the glideslope by so much.

There is no doubt that the Poles were murdered.

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