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Police disarm Jewish defense unit

Yitzhar fightersReacting to videos recorded by ultra-left NGOs, police confiscated weapons from five members of the rapid response team of the Jewish village of Yitzhar. These teams act as semi-official self-defense units.

Disarming the defense team leaves the embattled village still more vulnerable to Arab attacks, which happen almost every week, from firebombs and rocks to attacks with knives.

No Arabs were disarmed, and in any case nearby Arab villagers are armed to the teeth.

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Settlers should not be dependent on “authorized weapons” only for their defense.

It’s been clear for a long time that there may come a time when settlers will be given a choice: Evacuate or face Arab terror on your own.

There are many legal ways of fortifying the settlements.

And since the present Yesha situation resembles so much like the one Jews faced during the British Mandate, maybe they should take lessons from their own history.

But the greatest arsenal is one of ORGANIZATION and an Effective Plan of Action.

YESHA needs its own organization to unite all settlements: those that consider themselves safe, and those that don’t. There must be GREATER SOLIDARITY among Yesha residents. Even when only one settler is threatened with eviction, tens of thousands should come to his support.

Yesha needs grassroots leadership with a vision. Build-build is not enough. They must fight tooth and nail for extended sovereignty over Yesha, and first-class citizenship for all Jews living there.

Canadian Otter 03 June 2012

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