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PM to speak, not to act

Netanyahu headed to the UNGA to tell “our truth,” as he called it. Again he prefers words over actions, as if anyone there cares about Israeli truth.

It would be exceedingly easy for Netanyahu to stop Palestine’s bid for statehood: cease tax transfer payments, close Israel’s borders to Palestinian workers and produce, and stop selling them electric power. Let them enjoy true independence in a nutshell.

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The norwegian forreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre is afraid of palestinians oushing themselves into UN since that will give them a no or the veto from USA.
I thought palestinian leaders again, did not want their own state.
Paying their own bills have never becom a task for those leaders, they just have to do something to please the average population that see less than nothing of all the billians the leaders get by not having their own state.
Now Saudi Arabia is persuaded to give some hundred millions dollars, by Gahr Støre, to help the palestinians, since they will fail in UN.
If they should win, that he hope, they will still need the money, but he is afraid this will be a failure and will prevent the damage.
Some are obviosly thinking different than others.
What do you think of this possibility?
We have resently had our first terrorist, the perfect one as it seems.
I wonder why.
The palestinians seems to be the perfect vicktims,
I wonder why.
There are reasons why some are perfect.
Israelies seems to be the perfect enemies.
By looking at the perfect terrorist and the perfect victims, you are to find out why.
I think your submissivness are overall important.
Because that could happen, that you really became the enemy, God forbid.
Someone should remind the palestinians as well
That they could come to become victims of their own sloagans. that is: Being victims as a real possibility.
Why has noone thought of that?

Bente HøvikNorway. 22 September 2011

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