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PM: Israel needs empty words

It finally dawned on Netanyahu that he should make his state Jewish before asking Palestinians to recognize it as such. But instead of troubling himself with banning homosexual marches in Jerusalem, leaven on Pesach, or work on Sabbath, he sided with Lieberman in approving an amendment to the Citizenship Law. Now every new citizen will be asked to vow allegiance to the “‘Jewish and democratic” state. Never mind that any normal Jew, be he religious or nationalist, must have a problem with a democratic state in which Arab and Jewish citizens have equal say. The law will demand the oath from new immigrants only, thus the Arabs are exempt.

Long gone are the days when people viewed an oath as a divine bond, one that they were literally afraid to break. An oath is just words. No sane person would have any trouble pronouncing such a phrase as a condition of obtaining Israeli citizenship, whether he believes in it or not.

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what does this new law mean in terms of commerce,will arabs be able to buy and sell in Israel if they don’t take this oath? How will this new law assure people that arabs are new citizens or old. Won’t all arabs be required to show papers any way? would arabs be able to change their names as citizens to Hebrew names and hide in plain site or would there be enough police to tell who was exactly who. and doesn’t the ones who decide if you can become Jewish determine who’s really equal to a Jew and would keep arabs from having equal say. I think you’re right the Zionist way of keeping Israel pure is the way Israel will in the end go.

rbmeritt houston,tx 10 October 2010

Israel; is the name of the people obediant to the commandments of G-D. So an Arab needs to live according to the Torah to be part of Israel. What would King David do? Is there a man in Israel that is a prophet of the G-D of Israel. Is not the hope of all the so called Christians in the United States of America; to go to Heaven and become part of the Kingdom of the G-d of Israel. When did the Kingdom of G-D become a democracy?

Benaiah Sacramento,CA 12 October 2010

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