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Plea bargain over state treason

Anat Kam’s lawyer announced that he is in talks with Shabak about a plea bargain, which we expect would allow his client to evade a jail sentence in return for merely returning the stolen documents—never mind the copies taken.

A pickpocket would be refused a plea bargain that allowed him to return the last stolen purse in return for immunity, but rules are different for leftist traitors.

Compounding the shame, Shabak complains that it does not know the whereabouts of the stolen documents. What? Go search the homes of the reporter Blau, his relatives, and Haaretz’s senior staff, as Shabk would have done in any regular case.

Instead of public figures asking Blau to return to stolen top-secret documents, the fellow should have been indicted immediately and his extradition sought from Great Britain. But the security establishment is afraid of leftist media.

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What do you mean that the security establishment is afraid of the leftist media? In what way? Why? How? Please explain this situation and why it exists.

No name 12 April 2010

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