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Peres to Mitchell: Forget the settlements

The Israeli president told the visiting Obama envoy that he should focus on broader issues than the natural growth of settlements. Netanyahu, too, reasserted Israel’s right to build in the existing settlements. Unlike Livni, many Kadima MKs voiced support for the settlements’ growth.

Hamas’ leader Mashaal praised Obama’s efforts at halting the settlement growth. When a determined enemy of Israel praises our self-proclaimed friend, there must be something wrong with the friend.

Why the fuss? Only several hundred houses are authorized each year in the settlements, which is clearly a non-issue both for Bibi and Hussein. The answer might be found in Jewish law: a husband is permitted to divorce his wife over a burned meal. The assumption is that if their relations have deteriorated to the point where even such an insignificant thing becomes a point of contention, then the marriage is beyond repair. Bibi and Hussein are heading for divorce.

Hillary went so far as to renounce Bush’s oral agreement with Sharon on continuing settlement growth as “unofficial.” In that sense, Obama’s speeches are unofficial, too.

In his Cairo speech, Obama did not accept “the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.” Huh? If the settlement itself is legitimate, then continuing it is also legitimate. If its continuation is illegitimate, then so is the settlement itself.

It seems that in line with US Administration’s 2001 recommendations on ending the Intifada, Obama envisages the settlement freeze as a “confidence-building” measure, an incremental step toward a peace treaty. Contrary to the Harvard classroom experience, in the real world wars are not ended incrementally, and after eighty years of terrorist attacks Israel does not have to build confidence for herself.

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“If the settlement itself is legitimate, then continuing it is also legitimate. If its continuation is illegitimate, so is the settlement itself.”
Correct. That is the whole point of the exercise.
This Obama/Clinton club wants to dismantle ALL the “settlements” housing some 600,000 Jews.
One arab taxi driver told me, that having destroyed all the housing units in Gaza before the Gush Katif residents left was an “unfriendly act”.
These Palis were hoping to take over all their houses intact.
They know very well that they are incapable of building anything of value.
Think of all these arab fellows still in refugee camps more than 60 years after the War of Independance ‘48!
This is not a human tragedy, this is a testimony to their utter inability to produce value.
Did you ever wonder: What did 1.2 Billion Muslems contribute to the well being of this planet.
My mind comes up with a BIG FAT ZERO (except the body searches at the airports, curtesy of the PLO).
This says 10 times more about Islam than any Obama speech.

yidl MedicineHat,AB 10 June 2009

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