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Peres: Peace conference without Hamas

The Israeli president welcomes the prospect of a Russian-sponsored peace conference as long as it doesn’t include Hamas. It does not trouble Peres that Hamas is the only Palestinian force that can implement any agreement with Israel.

During the Oslo months, Peres negotiated with no less militant Fatah, which recently returned to its militant rhetoric and now demands from Israel the same concessions as Hamas.

At the next peace conference, Obama, the Russians, and the Arabs will pressure Netanyahu for Israeli capitulation. Compared to that conference, Annapolis will seem like a pro-Israel rally.

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What does Hamas think of peace conferences? I think the answer to this question would be very interesting to get. but since the conference is sponsored by the Russian government, it doesn’t amtter so much. What does Hamas think of peace conferences? It looks as if it doesn’t bother.

Eaden SanMarino 20 May 2010

Israel destroying the Dead Sea should be a more important issue than this conference is since the well-being of the whole world depends on it.

Nolan 78 Belgrade 20 May 2010

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