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Peres: Gush Katif was a mistake

In a meeting with British MPs, Peres reiterated his surprising position that the Israeli evacuation from Gaza was an error, one he vowed not to repeat with the West Bank settlements. Besides the costs, the disengagement caused a tremendous rift in Israeli society.

The mistake is easy to correct. Israeli tanks could retake Gush Katif within minutes, and the settlers would be overjoyed to move back in.

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Well, perhaps for Peres Gush Katif evacuation was a mistake. But for the rest of people it was a necessity because who knows what these bastrds might have done to those Jews??? For Peres Gush Katif looks as if there were no any Jews at all and even if there were some, nothing would happen to them.

Francisco Skopje 20 May 2010

Israeli stripper raped in Israel shows that hardly this evacuation can be called a mistake.

Sebastien Valletta 20 May 2010

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