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Peace plan as affirmative action

Olmert, Abbas set up a negotiation team to pave the peace process road. The team will discuss “economics,” including electricity and water. In plain English, that means Israel will continue supplying the independent Palestinian state with water and electricity the Arabs don’t bother to pay for. Now Israeli taxpayers foot the bill for supplying water and electricity to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank since paying for Jewish services is below the Arabs’ dignity. The “economics” also includes one-way border transparency: Palestinians will be able to work in Israel, dumping the local labor market and swelling the crime rate.

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According to the Israeli news peace plan follows its usual routine: Palestinians insist and demand and Israelis are ready to meet these demands. In accordance with the news peace plan will be beneficial only for Arabs as usual. The Jewish government does impress when it comes to the well-being of our Arabic counterparts.

Micheal Tallinn 20 May 2010

after the Palestinian poll “support for terrorism” it’s really stupid to keep on treating them like this – with so much respect and care.

Raul Helsinki 20 May 2010

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