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Paris: Another loss for Netanyahu

After the Washington disaster, Netanyahu now heads into a similar confrontation with Sarkozy.

The result of their June 3rd meeting was predetermined by two recent demarches. The French FM demanded that Jerusalem become a Palestinian capital, and Sarkozy declared that regional peace is impossible without realizing the “long-time aspirations of the Palestinian nation.”

Their only long-time aspiration is slaughtering all the Jews.

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Why don’t the eaters of Frog’s legs give back the land of the Basque?
I guess that’s too close to home.
Realizing their long drooling ambition, after the humiliating defeat in Algeria, they are building a base in Abu Dabi. Sphere of uninfluenced anybody?
I guess the rabid anti-Semite French who are being inundated by Muslims, will be getting rid of their tzalem for a moon and crescent. But they will still be anti-Semites.

RevBadel Memphis 29 May 2009

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