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Palestinians strike closer to Tel Aviv

For the first time, a rocket from Gaza reached Kiryat Gat, thirty-five miles from Tel Aviv.

One wonders, what would be the American reaction to rocket attacks thirty-five miles off Manhattan.

The rocket attack came during the three-hour ceasefire Israel maintains for humanitarian aid to Gaza. This time is especially safe for the terrorists.

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As usual the erratic Palestinian thugs stick to no rules of engagement. The world should wake up and realize why there are so many civilian casualties. These thugs are inhumane and do not care about the loss of life amongst women and children and then try to blame the IDF.
They profess to be believers in a loving God, but their actions convey the opposite.
Would Almighty God want them to attack Israel indiscriminately with rockets?

Carole COLWYNBAY 13 January 2009

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