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Palestinians steal aid before it arrives

As Arab countries promised more than $2 billion to finance Gaza reconstruction, Fatah officials quickly registered foreign straw firms with construction licenses to channel the funds to. Fatah and Hamas leaders accuse each other of attempting theft.

Likely, the promised aid won’t arrive. Fatah received less than 10% of the aid promised to it a year ago at the Paris donor conference. Arab countries promise a lot, but deliver little.

But why does Gaza need billions? Hamas promised 4,000 euro per destroyed house, which is more than enough to rebuild a modest home in Gaza. At most, the cost of repairs runs to 200 million dollars.

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Probably the Arab countries know what will happen to the aid. They no doubt make promises so it looks good in the eyes of the world.
The gazans need to elect a government who do not have the Islamic ideology that all it cares about is harassing and destroying Israel and the jewish people, that is the only way they will ever progress and become a happy and prosperous society. I can`t see that happening any time soon,can you?

Carole COLWYNBAY 01 February 2009

Just FYI, I linked to your articel from No Rebuilding of Gaza without Occupation

bernie bayonneNJ 03 February 2009

Arabs promised aid to Gaza perhaps because they had to discuss something, you know. Arabs are well-known liers so no one should believe them anyway. Besides, although Arabs promised aid to Gaza, Palestinians are well-known thieves as it turns out. That’s why here we are!

Donovan Minsk 20 May 2010

An Arab rapes Israeli girl and these beasts were supposed to get aid??? Thanks God, it didn’t happen.

Milo Brussels 20 May 2010

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