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Palestinians kidnap, rape Israeli stripper

As happens regrettably all too often, a wayward Israeli girl who works in a Tel Aviv nightclub left with some of the club’s Arab clients. They intoxicated her into unconsciousness and put the Israeli stripper into their car. The girl woke up in the streets of Ramallah. IDF and Palestinian police rescued her within minutes, so she escaped lynching.

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An Arab rapes Israeli girl and police has to rescue her from lynching! What about lynching this bastard?! raping is a crime and one of the most disgusting a human being may commit! An Arab rapes Israeli girlbut whether he’ll be imprisoned is a big question.

Dale Tirana 20 May 2010

Arabs easily dump water waste in rivers, do not pay taxes and now rape Israeli girls. Why are they still alive?!

Zuriel AndorralaVella 20 May 2010

Israeli stripper raped shows how unpunished Arabs feel in Israel!This Israeli stripper raped makes it impossible to think about the peace process.

Saber Vilnius 20 May 2010

And Belfer Isabella is called a kidnapper. What about these dirty Arabs then?

Quin73 Luxembourg 20 May 2010

ISRAELI STRIPPERS undergo enormous danger working with Arabs. Why are there no law which prohibits Arabs from entering such clubs??? ISRAELI STRIPPERS are beautiful in comparison with ugly Arabic women and they go crazy.

Airell DumontD'Urville 22 May 2010

US Iran war is definitely more interesting than the fate of Israeli strippers but less real.

Orlando RioDeJaneiro 22 May 2010

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