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Palestinian terrorist government searches for democratic façade

In order to retain an image of legitimate rule, Abbas announced new elections in Palestine. EU approves the move.
Foreign democrats have a small problem dealing with Fatah gangsters: they lost the elections. Abbas imagines better results in new elections where he would threaten Hamas candidates out of the race and rig the elections results. Hamas, locked in Gaza, won’t be able to challenge the elections forgery.
Washington Post cites US intelligence reports decrying Bush’s rapprochement with worthless Abbas.

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Bush merely needs an undead “moderate” body to prop up so he can give Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem to the Arabs. In exchange, Israel receives recognition, peace, and “normalization” from Arabs, Israel becomes part of the US/Arab/Israeli alliance against Iran. Bush gets legacy. Photo in Rose Garden. Peace Prize. Intoxicating notion. Hangover coming.

Jeffrey P Memphis 18 July 2007

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