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Palestinian support for terrorism is all-time high

NY Times cites a poll that shows 84% of Palestinians support Merkaz HaRav terrorist attack. “Only” 64% of Palestinians support Kassam attacks on Israel; the number is apparently lower because Kassam rocket attacks cause Israeli retaliation against Gaza.

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So kind of you to drop in and provide another target or opportunity.. Since there is no such thing as a palestinian, you, i guess are a non-entity. How useful, just like talking to a road apple on the highway of life.
Satire is its own Petard.
But, in your case . . . “You’re Foist”.

Emeq Hawaii 22 March 2008

I guess the previous posters comment has disappeared. Leaves my comment kinda hanging out there. It is not a comment against the article or writer, but rather against a terrorist who had made a comment glorifying terror.

Emeq Hawaii 28 March 2008

All-time terrorism high support in Palestine is of no surpriise at all. I’m sure that if there was the same poll among Israelis, their opinion of terroristic attacks is very unlikely to be different from that of Palestinians. All-time terrorism high support is true for all Arabic countries and is not going to change in the nearest future.

Malik "what did you say" Yakutat 19 May 2010

It’s in Palestinians’ blood to be so keen on terrorism and even Palestinian ladies are not an exception to this rule.

Mikio Yalta 19 May 2010

Palestinian poll “support for terrorism” shows true tendencies among the Arabs and proves once again that it’s absolutely impossible to talk about the peace process between these two countries. Hopefully, the results of the Palestinian poll “support for terrorism” will become known to the European countries and will influence their viewpoint on Arabs.

Trent Copenhagen 20 May 2010

After this poll it’s clear why Arabs do not hesitate when it comes to setting Jews on fire, for example.

Aadi London 20 May 2010

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