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Palestinian police want heavy machine guns

The US-trained Palestinian police demand the right to equip their Russian-donated APCs with heavy machine guns, which Israel so far refuses.

Heavy machine guns are useless in any operation against terrorists, and are likely to cause significant collateral damage. IDF soldiers routinely risk their lives to arrest Palestinian terrorists with light weapons, but Fatah cares not about their brethren.

The APC itself is useless in anti-terrorist operations, as it is an offensive weapon with only three to ten people inside.

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Heavy machine gun is something unbelievable for these guys to demand. Have you ever heard about the police equipped with something like that?Heavy machine gun is equal to being armed with a nuclear bomb under these circumstances.

Clayton Woodward 15 May 2010

After such demands there’s no surprise at all that a Palestinian boy stabs Israeli soldier. What else can you explain?

Jahari Woonsocket 15 May 2010

Heavy machinery Israel is understandably against will kill more Jews than ever. If this is a secret hope of Palestinians, hope it’ll never come true and as for heavy machinery Israel should do its best to prevent this happening.

Bryan Yorktown_Heights 19 May 2010

Why did the Palestinians come to America? Perhaps that the answer to this question: to get as bold as possible to demand things like this.

Robin Youngstown 19 May 2010

Palestinian police weapons are going to be something special if Israel decides to meet their requirements. Then Palestinian police weapons will take more Israeli lives than ever!

Stoner Bonn 22 May 2010

According to msn Israel news Israeli police has some difficulties coping with criminals now. What will happen if they have these guns?

Beth boy Male,MaldiveIslands 22 May 2010

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