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Palestinian boy stabs Israeli soldier

A thirteen-year-old Palestinian boy entered Hawara checkpoint near Schem through a humanitarian corridor and attempted to kill a Jew with a knife.

What are we to do with him? The Palestinians reasoned correctly that the boy is too young to be put in jail for any considerable time.
Rabin told the troops to break the hands and legs of Palestinian youngsters. The Torah is unequivocal: they should be executed.

A country where young children fight us is a determined and respected enemy, not a ‘peace partner.’

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Don’t exicute him. Don’t break ALL his fingers.
But lets be humane. Just bend back his thumbs, until you hear a crack. Pull them straight. Cast him. Wait for the anesesia to wear off. Deliver him to the Gaza.

RevBadel Memphis 02 June 2009

If Israel breaks legs, Palestine breaks hands, you know. That’s why no matter what Torah says, it won’t bring any positive results but for more blood for both parties. The only way to cope with the task is if Palestine breaks hands, break its neck.

Adair"wolf" Winnemucca 14 May 2010

Israeli orgy of cruelty will never stop as far as Palestine is concerned.

Lance #111 Winner 14 May 2010

This boy stabs Israeli soldier and Jews break their brain thinking about what they could do them and are very afraid to be too cruel.If someone else stabs Israeli soldier, well, you know, such things happen.

Mika2 Woodland_Hills 15 May 2010

Arab political activists should be penalized for what they do without too much thinking and irrespective of their age.

Camden *cool* Woodsville 15 May 2010

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