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Palestine welcomes Jewish settlers

Speaking at an Aspen retreat, Fayad confirmed the offer by Ahmed Qurei to allow Jewish settlers to stay in their homes under Palestinian jurisdiction.

Many would accept such a solution, though subsequently most would relocate to Israel for a better life. Those who stay in the settlements for nationalistic reasons have no reason to persevere once their villages fall under Palestinian jurisdiction.

Palestinian citizenship for Jewish settlers is the only option which allows the Israeli government to abandon the settlements without an impractically large evacuation.

We support the Jewish settlers’ taking Palestinian citizenship. Eventually they can make their enclaves autonomous and turn them into Judea.

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It is curious to see Palestine as the last resort for Jewish settlers

admin 07 October 2009

Jewish settlers in Palestine won’t stay there for too long, I think. No matter what Arabs may promise they’re well-known traitors and these Jews may soon feel what it’s like to live with them. But strategically Jewish settlers in Palestine may contribute to the strengthening of the Jewish power there.

Dennis Wilmington 14 May 2010

Is Palestine a democracy that it allows Jews to stay in the country so easily? It’s very lokely there’s some plot here.

Nilay Winchester 14 May 2010

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