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Palestine abandons democracy

Four years after the US administration, to great fanfare, forced Israel to accept the democratic elections in Palestine which brought Hamas to power, democracy has been rescinded. The PLO council will allow Abbas to stay in power until elections are held in the West Bank or Gaza—that is, until the unlikely reconciliation with Hamas.

Abbas has remained in office illegally since his presidential term expired last winter. He was to have passed the authority to Hamas’ spokesman of the Palestinian council.

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Is Palestine a democracy? Well, it’s hard to think of anything funnier than that. None of the Arabic countries can be described like that! Is Palestine a democracy? Definitely, no and there’s no use speaking about its loss.

Finn 123 Willcox 14 May 2010

Perhaps there’s never been any democracy in Palestine but after Oxfam Hebron scandal it’s quite easy to believe that Israel will work hard to establish it there.

Axel the TWILIGHT Williston 14 May 2010

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