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Immigration Authority rounded up 0.03% of the illegals

In an effort to make good on the Interior Minister’s empty threat, government forces arrested twenty-two illegal immigrants, nineteen of them Africans. The total number of African illegals in Israel (that’s besides Falash Mura) is about 60,000. The number of Palestinian illegals is estimated at 200,000.

10 June 2012 Posted in crime

Did we disarm Palestinian police?

Abbas is refusing even to sit at a table with Netanyahu, declaring that peace negotiations won’t be resumed until Israel freezes settlement construction.

On that, both sides have reached a dead end. Israel has all but halted construction in the settlements, but Abbas needs a formal freeze in order to give something to his people. Neither side is in hurry because both know the talks to be futile: neither Netanyahu nor Abbas can sell peace terms to their people. The Palestinians, moreover, have become accustomed to Obama’s demand for a settlement freeze and cannot demand less than he does.

What is noteworthy, however, is that Abbas has expressed his readiness for some form of dialogue short of peace negotiations if Israel agrees to re-arm the Palestinian police. Previously, Abbas was talking about new weapons for his militia, but now he is concerned about re-arming them. It seems that Israel quietly took some weapons from the US-sponsored Palestinian police.

Obama did not make up his mind on the right of return

Boy in GazaThe US Senate is preparing to vote on a bill that requires the State Department to collect demographic information for Palestinian refugee camps: how many of the people there are the original refugees and how many are their descendants.

The bill would inject some common sense into the current situation, in which Palestinians receive subsidies for living in their own towns in Lebanon and Syria merely because their grandparents left Israel 65 years ago.

What is noteworthy is the White House’s demand to omit the provision which would differentiate refugees based on their origin, either from Smaller Israel or the West bank and Gaza. Obama thus leaves on the table the option for the Palestinians to return to the Jewish state.

Clinton: neither peace nor withdrawal

Barak and ClintonHillary rejected the latest suggestion by the dovish Israeli defense minister that we can unilaterally disengage from the West Bank. Barak is well-known for his brave political ideas, which he voiced during his negotiations with Arafat.

Clinton had no problem with our unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, but surprisingly does not favor withdrawal from the West Bank.

Unilateral withdrawal might not be a bad idea after all. Abandon the most dangerous settlements, build a wall to keep out individual terrorists, close the border to Palestinian migrants and laborers, and let them become a new Gaza.

PA ignores Israeli threats, honors dead terrorists

Despite all the Israeli government’s assurances to the contrary, the PA will re-bury its terrorists with military honors and national festivities. Israel returned ninety-one bodies, mostly of high-value terrorists, to stop the Palestinian hunger strike, rather than allow the jailed terrorists to starve themselves into a similar military tribute.

Israel sues her doctors for benefiting Jews

A new organ transplant scandal has developed. Ten people have been arrested in Israel, and there have been more arrests overseas. An organ transplant ring conducted transplants in Ukraine for Israeli citizens.

All organ removals were purely voluntary, with typical payment of $25,000, which is about ten years’ average salary in Ukraine. Since the activity was consensual, the doctors did not harm anyone.

The witch hunt against the doctors is bad PR for Israel, since it gives new credence to the old libel that Israelis steal organs from Palestinian prisoners and the dead.

24 May 2012 Posted in crime

Israeli media want Arab Spring in the PA

Leftist journalists keep speaking up in support of their Palestinian colleagues. After the post-Arafat thaw in Palestinian politics, the number of journalists who speak openly about corruption keeps increasing, and the PA has to repress them.

Now, that is not nice, but we certainly prefer a strong Fatah—which cooperates with Israel on terrorism prevention—to honest Hamas or democracy (which, in the current political situation, is the same thing). It is in Israel’s interest to keep Fatah corrupt and its lynchpins fat and lazy. If, to that end, the Arabs want to suppress their journalists, we could not care less.

The cost of not executing terrorists: more terror

Shabak arrested two Palestinian youngsters who had planted explosives around the Jewish township of Kiryat Arba with the intention to murder or kidnap a Jew. One of the terrorists has already served time in Israeli jail for attempting to become a suicide bomber, but was promptly released because he had committed no actual crime.

One can only imagine the world media outcry if the Jews had contemplated kidnapping a Palestinian. Indeed, we witness such outcries in response to Jews merely painting graffiti on Arab structures.

Katz’s rabbi more important than Jews

Ultra-right MK Katz has withdrawn his draft bill, which would have legalized all outposts built with government financing, providing compensation to Palestinian landowners. This bill was common sense: to all practical purposes, government financing means government authorization. The bill had a good chance of passing the Knesset, and in any case would have exposed the pseudo-right Likud MKs who voted against it.

Under some political pressure and citing a request from his rabbi (who apparently is ready to sacrifice Zionist religious values) Katz abandoned his drive.

23 May 2012 Posted in right

Jews enter Schem at night, like robbers

Some 1,500 Jews assembled at the Tomb of Joseph for a monthly prayer event sanctioned by the IDF. They were heavily guarded, and entered the Palestinian-occupied town at night so as not to disturb the Arabs.

During the prayer, Arabs pelted the Jews with firebombs. Imagine the outcry if the opposite were to take place.

Under orders to abstain from fighting at all costs, the IDF troops refrained from shooting the attackers.

Israel capitulates in the hunger strike incident

Though the government is trying to present the deal as if the Palestinian inmates had ended their hunger strike in exchange for the bodies of a hundred dead terrorists, that is not the case. Among several points of the agreement, a single point matters: all the Arabs being held in administrative detention will be released after their six-month term ends.

Very few of them can be charged in criminal proceedings, which is why these enemies were being held in administrative detention in the first place. Effectively, Israel has agreed to release all of them, and came close to repealing administrative detention altogether.

Israeli citizens to hold rallies in support of Arab terrorists

Israeli Arabs are expected to demonstrate in Jaffa, Haifa, and Nazareth in support of the terrorists who are conducting a hunger strike in our jails.

12 May 2012 Posted in Arabs

Abbas takes responsibility for Palestinian terrorists

The PA leader promised his people that his administration won’t remain silent if hunger strikers in Israeli jails die.

That means that the PA takes official responsibility for the terrorists. Indeed, this responsibility is no secret, as the PA even maintains a Ministry of Prisoner Affairs, funded with US aid and Israeli tax transfers.

It is a specifically Jewish craze to finance a government that takes pride in sending terrorists to kill us.

Palestinian hunger strikers will receive benefits

Hunger strikeThe Israeli Prison Service is offering jailed Arab terrorists considerable benefits to end their hunger strike: more satellite TV channels, fresh fruits, free education, and the elimination of solitary confinement.

Leading presidential candidate ignores Camp David treaty

Amr Moussa has declared the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty dead. While he would not (indeed, cannot) denounce the treaty, Moussa promised to abide first by the terms of the Arab League peace initiative, which requires Israel to withdraw to the 1948 armistice line, surrender Jerusalem, and allow Palestinian ‘refugees’ to return.

Moussa lied when he said that the treaty was conditioned on the creation of a Palestinian state; there are many memoirs that show how irrelevant that issue was for Sadat.

Amr Moussa

03 May 2012 Posted in Egypt

Jewish woman fought off Palestinian rape attempt

A Jewish woman fought off an Arab who assaulted and attempted to rape her in a park in Ashkelon, where she was walking with her six-year-old daughter.

In Beit Shemesh, four concert hall employees raped a Jewish schoolgirl after a prom.

02 May 2012 Posted in Arabs

The US transfers to the Palestinians the aid that they do not need

The White House has agreed to release $147 million in aid to Palestine The aid was frozen last August because of Abbas’ lobbying for Palestinian independence.

The Palestinians have lived comfortably without that money for nine months, so they clearly do not use it for police wages as the White House claims.

Netanyahu surrenders one more red line to the Palestinians

Netanyahu has publicly accepted the Palestinian demand that their state should be contiguous. That means a sovereign corridor from the West bank to Gaza, which incidentally makes Israel a noncontiguous state as it breaks our country into two. It also means the demolition of many settlements so as not to give the Palestinians a Swiss-cheese state.

Previously, the contiguity of the Palestinian state was a major bargaining chip for Israel.

Eminent domain is not for Jews

The Supreme Court so far insists on the April deadline for demolishing Ulpana hamlet, a dreaded ‘illegal outpost’ near Beth El village. The government, for its part, exhibits unusual concern for a court order, as dozens of demolition orders for Palestinian houses built on state and private Jewish land have hung in the air for years.

Ulpana should be a classic eminent domain case. True, the hamlet was built on private Palestinian land, but that land had been long abandoned by the time of construction, with no way for the Jewish pioneers to readily find the title. It would certainly be more efficient to compensate the Arab owners for the cost of the land—if such compensation is due at all, given the fact that in the population exchange many Jews left Arab countries with no compensation whatsoever. Yet the court did not even consider applying eminent domain to Ulpana.

Another insanity from the Israeli legal system: the government had to legalize Rehalim hamlet near Kfar Tapuach in Samaria; what was illegal there in the first place? There was no government authorization to build it. Never mind that the hamlet was built twenty years ago with government money from the Ministry of Construction. In a peculiar Israeli form of bureaucratic madness, a ministry’s money is not the government’s authorization.

The EU has selective regard for property rights

The EU missions, the UN, and other international organizations condemned Israel’s eviction of sixty-seven Palestinian “refugees” from their homes.

‘Refugees’? Their grandparents were displaced sixty-five years ago.

‘Their homes’? The houses in Beit Hanina were purchased by Jews long ago, and the court battle dragged on for eight years. Compare that to the few weeks it took an Israeli court to evict a Jewish family from their house in Hebron recently because of minor irregularities in the sale documents.