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Bedouins, too, are Arabs

Police arrested 19 Bedouins who had systematically attacked the Jewish National Fund’s staff in the Negev.

Far from being unable to grasp the concept of land ownership, Bedouins claim Israeli state lands as their own. Hundreds of Bedouins are engaged in daily attacks on Jews in the area.

The problem started with the government’s misguided efforts to urbanize the Bedouins so that they wouldn’t need so much land for their flocks. Settled Bedouins became as anti-Jewish as any Arabs.

24 June 2010 Posted in Arabs

4 Bedouin firebombers arrested

Four Bedouin firebombers have been arrested for plotting and carrying out firebombing attacks on Jewish cars in the Negev.

Bedouins, the conventional wisdom goes, are loyal to Israel.

16 May 2010 Posted in Arabs

How many anti-aircraft rockets are in Gaza?

Egyptians discovered a massive weapons cache in Sinai which included 100 anti-aircraft rockets. Local Bedouins usually assist in such discoveries: the more shipments are intercepted, the more shipments Hamas will attempt, thus increasing the profits of Bedouin smugglers. (A part of the tribe which smuggles weapons for Hamas has migrated to the Negev and squats on the state land there.)

The interception of a hundred rockets suggests that Hamas has thousands of them. The rockets are good enough to keep Israeli helicopters  out ofGazan airspace. Without helicopter cover, IDF won’t be able to send tanks into Gaza, and ground incursions will come to an end.

Israeli media hate Egyptians for good work

Newspapers are howling over a routine incident: two more illegal migrants were killed in Sinai this week, and another one is in critical condition. Egyptian police thankfully are doing the dirty work for Israel.

Egypt shoots the illegals on its own territory, where they have committed no crime, but the Israeli government refuses to give IDF the commonsense order to shoot infiltrators in the Negev after they have already committed the major crime of crossing the border illegally.

Regrettably, there is no other way to stop the hordes.

In the meantime, the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee has derailed a bill which would allow Israeli soldiers to keep African illegals out of our country. In the Committee’s view, the bill did not provide sufficiently for asylum seekers. Never mind that no legitimate asylum seeker can enter Israel due to her geography: by the time the Africans reach Egypt, they have already reached asylum, and they only infiltrate Israel for economic reasons.

Iron Dome is too expensive for Sderot

The Haaretz reported that the Iron Dome anti-missile defense will not be deployed in Sderot at the Negev kibbutzim, which suffer from Kassam attacks.

The Iron Dome was touted as the ultimate defense for Sderot, but we have pointed out all along that it cannot be used against Kassams for economic reasons: a $200,000 interceptor missile for a $100 projectile.

The Iron Dome will be deployed at IAF bases and other military installations to defend against Fajr rockets, which are still very rare. As for Sderot—who in the government cares about it?

Left: Benefits for Arabs, not settlers

Leftist ministers and MKs slammed Netanyahu’s decision to allocate benefits and development funds mostly to the settlements rather than Negev and the Galilee, where they would have benefited mostly Arab communities.

IDF hides from Bedouins

Nevatim Air Force BaseIAF personnel at Nevatim Air Force Base in the Negev were instructed to refrain from driving on Route 31 at night because of incessant Bedouin attacks.

And the Bedouins are our best Arabs.

Obama replaces a big evil with a bigger one

Obama in Saudi ArabiaPushed by IDF generals, Netanyahu finally gathered the guts to object to Obama’s Russian gambit. In September, the US Administration made Moscow an offer: to refrain from selling S-300 to Iran in exchange for opening Saudi markets to the Russians. The multibillion-dollar weapons deal would give Saudi Arabia S-400 and other highly capable Russian weapons.

The deal is fishy: it is unthinkable that the US would surrender its major weapons market to the Russians. In terms of purchasing-power parity, a $7 billion Saudi purchase from Russia means a $35 billion loss for the American military-industrial complex.

S-400 would endanger all Israeli aircraft in the Negev. Just recently, IAF finished transferring its major base from Lod to Negev. In Lod, the base was in danger from Palestinian rockets.
Netanyahu asked for guarantees that the Saudis would deploy S-400 on the border with Iran rather than Israel, but nothing precludes the Saudis from reneging on their promises.

The location of the S-400 is not a problem because the Saudis won’t attack Israel. But Russian weapons sales to Saudi Arabia would open other Arab markets and flood the region with cheap and efficient Russian arms.

The Saudi deal won’t preclude the Russians from delivering S-300 to Iran. US officials imagine that everyone is motivated by money and that Russia would rationally abandon Iran for a better deal. But Russia sells S-300 to Iran to gain influence in the region, rather than earn a few hundred million dollars.

Haredim: Not even on the moon

Green leftists from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel are protesting a proposed new city for haredim in the Negev. The government chose to build a new city rather than enlarging existing neighborhoods because no city’s mayor wants an influx of ultra-Orthodox Jews.

The ecologists charge that the new city would disrupt wildlife in the Negev—as if hundreds of illegal Bedouin settlements do not disrupt it enough, or the haredim, in dire need of housing in their overcrowded communities, are less important than foxes.

Vice PM doesn’t believe his own words

Silwan Shalom announced a government plan to bring 600,000 Jews to the Negev and Galilee in the next ten years. The funny part is that Shalom himself has moved from the Negev to Central Israel.

The plan is not going to materialize (like so many plans before it). Jews do not want to live among hostile Arabs of the Negev and Galilee, who constantly engage in riots and robbery while the police refrain from acting lest the Arabs riot still more.

PLO flags over Rahat

Bedouins waved PLO flags and threw a few stones and shoes at Marzel’s demonstrators.

The Jewish National Front marched in Rahat to draw the authorities’ attention to the massive illegal construction by Bedouins in Negev. While the High Court goes after every Jewish outpost, thousands of illegal Bedouin buildings are ignored.

Squatted on by Bedouins, the Negev has increasingly become as dangerous to Jews as Arab-populated Galilee.

26 July 2009 Posted in Arabs

Jews not allowed into Bedouin towns

Police only allowed Baruch Marzel’s Jewish National Front to march on the outskirts of Rahat, not in the town itself. Rahat is the only legal Bedouin town in the Negev. Even among the allegedly loyal Bedouin, police cannot guarantee the safety of Jewish marchers in the town’s center.

We don’t expect significant disturbances during the march, as Bedouins so far have proven less hostile to the Jewish state than Israeli Arabs. The situation is changing quickly, however, as Bedouins urbanize and become less distinct from settled Arabs.

25 July 2009 Posted in Arabs

From lies to statistics

Media are touting a report by an ultra-left outfit called the Israel European Policy Network, which makes a horrendous allegation: the Israeli government subsidizes settlements 22 percent more than the Smaller Israel towns. Subsidies make up 57 percent of the settlements’ budgets, as opposed to 35 percent for towns inside the Green Line.

The report’s authors lumped small and heavily subsidized towns in Negev and Galilee together with tax-positive industrial cities. Among the small towns, subsidies of 50-60 percent are normal, and the norm is close to 100 percent in Israeli Arab towns.

The municipal budgets of the settlements also reflect their security needs. When Israel decided to cut short the security expenses at Gush Katif, we spent hundreds of times more on reinforcing Sderot, developing an anti-missile shield, and the Cast Lead operation.

Settlements receive just about $300 per head from the government.

Israel braces for Palestinian statehood

Residents of Jezreel Valley are fighting the government’s plans to build an international airport there, as no one likes the noise. The logical thing to do would be to expand the existing Ben Gurion airport near Lod rather than build a new one.

But this is about security rather than logic.

IAF has already abandoned its base near Lod and relocated to the Negev. A similar international airport in Jerusalem is closed due to the Arab threat. The Ben Gurion airport is within reach of Stinger rockets launched from Palestinian-settled areas.

The Israeli government is preparing for a Palestinian state two miles away from Ben Gurion airport. Since the Palestinians can close their airspace to Israeli traffic and otherwise endanger it, the government is seeking a slightly safer place for an international airport.

Jewish money buys land for Arabs

The Jewish National Fund has exchanged 17,000 acres of land with the government. Instead of the astronomically priced land in central Israel, JNF will receive worthless areas in Galilee and the Negev.

The deal allows the government to pass the lands developed by JNF to Arabs. Private Jews donate money to JNF to develop Israeli lands. Then the Arabs step in and demand to lease the developed lands. The Supreme Court ordered the JNF to lease the lands to Arabs. Such leasing runs contrary to JNF’s charter and purpose, and would undermine the stream of Jewish donations.

So the government devised an exchange by which JNF gives up the lands it has developed, and the government rather than JNF leases them to the Arabs. Jews can continue donating to JNF, enabling it to develop new areas—which again will be passed over to the government and surrendered to Arabs.

03 June 2009 Posted in Arabs

Fake war

Palestinian Islamic Jihad shelled the Negev Desert. The Israeli Air Force retaliated by bombing the empty strip near Philadelphi Corridor in Gaza.

Both need to show their supporters some action.

Soldier or terrorist?

Border Police killed an Israeli Bedouin schoolgirl who approached an IDF base in the Negev and shot at the troops. Israeli media labeled her a terrorist because she acted in a peaceful territory, un-uniformed, and hid her weapon. In fact, she is a legitimate guerrilla who attacked soldiers, rather than civilians, in what Israeli Arabs consider occupied Palestine.

Abbas denounced peace plans

Days after Fatah’s chief terrorist Dahlan called upon Hamas never to recognize Israel, Abbas joined the fray. He has no choice: in order to compete with Hamas in elections and popularity, he has to prove himself no less militant.

Speaking to a Muslim mob in Beit Lehem, Abbas vowed to expel Jews from Jerusalem and “all Palestinian lands.” The terrorist scum also denounced “Israeli apartheid” (welfare payments to hundreds of thousands of Israeli Arabs?) and the separation wall (Jews cannot isolate themselves from Arab migrants and terrorists).

Jordan and Syria issued a joint communique declaring that regional peace will only be possible after Israel leaves all Arab lands (including Galilee, Jaffa, and the Negev).

Fearing the radicalization of its own Islamic constituency, Egypt is frantically issuing calls on all sides to calm down and return to the failed two-state solution (twenty-two Arab states, including two Palestinian ones—Jordan and the PA—and a Jewish statelet saturated with Arabs).

Pediatricians against Jews

Physicians for Human Rights has issued another scathing anti-Israeli report. This time, they accused Jews of discriminating against Negev Bedouins: 50,000 children in their illegal villages lack pediatricians.

The fact-twisting is simple to see. By definition, government clinics serve legal villages; budgets cannot be allocated to illegal causes. In practice, Bedouins from illegal villages take their children to nearby clinics in the legal villages for free medical service, no problem. But nominally, no doctors are allocated to them.

PHR is avoiding a bigger question: why do the Bedouins discriminate against Jews by not paying us taxes and flouting our land-laws?

Pricks in our eyes

As Israel refuses the commonsense commandment to expel the Arabs, they become thorns in our sides, as the Torah has warned.

In East Jerusalem, Arabs riot against court-ordered demolitions of the houses they built illegally in an archeological park. Hillary Clinton supports their rights.

In Negev, an EU-funded commission is preparing another scathing report accusing Israel of driving Bedouins from “their” land. Never mind that nomadic Bedouins cannot have “their” land. In the meantime, Bedouins attacked an Israeli bus with stones on Highway 29 and the Israeli welfare ministry increased their subsidies.