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Egypt blames Hezbollah for not attacking Israel

After Nasrallah’s call a while ago to oust Mubarak, the Egyptian establishment is busy denigrating the Hezbollah’s leader.

The newest stunt involved an open letter by Egypt’s top Shiite cleric Fahim Abd al-Fatah, in which he accused Hezbollah of allowing UNIFIL forces into Lebanese territory to end the 2006 war with Israel, and criticized them for not attacking Israel this January to help the Gazans. Fahim also lambasted Hezbollah for not avenging Mughniye’s death, presumably with attacks on Jewish civilian targets.

Egypt is at peace with Israel, and theoretically should have undertaken to prevent anti-Israeli incitement.

Mossad prevented Hezbollah attack in Europe

Israeli Channel 2 commented on the rumors that days ago Hezbollah attempted a significant attack against an Israeli target in Europe in retaliation for Mighniye’s death.

Nasrallah has publicly vowed revenge.

Nasrallah advocates continued struggle with Israel

As Israeli government mulls abandoning Shebaa Farms, the last piece of contention between Israel and Lebanon-Hezbollah entity, the terrorist clerics search for pretexts to continue the fight. One cleric declared Hezbollah must liberate former Shiite villages in Galilee. Now Nasrallah reiterated the commitment of his terrorist organization to liberate the entire Palestine from Jews.

Hezbollah prepares to fight Israel beyond Shebaa farms

Nasrallah announced that peace in the Middle East cannot reign while Israel exists. His opinion is irrelevant but hints at Hezbollah’ searching a pretext for continuing to fight Israel after she relinquishes Shebaa farms, the last disputed area, to Lebanon.
Nasrallah, of course, is silly. Israel obviously has little to do with numerous intra-Muslim conflicts, such as Syria-Lebanon, Iran-Iraq, Syria-Jordan, Egypt-Oman, Iraq-Kuwait, etc.

Nasrallah suggests new standard for prisoner swap

In a letter to the UN chief, Hezbollah’s leader offers exchanging information on the Isralei soldiers missing for decades for jailed Palestinian terrorists of female gender.

Nasrallah hints Regev and Goldwasser may be alive

It is unlikely that Olmert pulled a devilish public stunt when he declared their death for the later jackpot public approval.

Israel-Hezbollah prisoner exchange: terrorists for corpses

Samir KuntarDespite the objections of Shin-Bet and Mossad, Israeli government voted 22:3 to release the notorious unrepentant terrorist Samir Kuntar, scores of others, in exchange for Regev and Goldwasser corpses. It is long understood that Regev and Goldwasser died from their wounds during or shortly after the Hezbollah cross-border attack that sparked the 2006 war with Lebanon. Hezbollah repeatedly refused to offer proof of life.
Livni, who voted against the previous prisoner exchange under Sharon (hundreds of terrorists for an Israeli drug dealer) objected to this swap, but voted for it. The deeply religious Sha$ saw no problem in releasing Jew-murderers rather than executing them, as the commandment goes. Only Roni Bar-On, Ze’ev Boim and Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann deserve respect for voting against the deal.
The logic behind the swap remains murky. Olmert claims he wants the end to Regev-Goldwasser issue. Israel had to reward the German negotiators with some sort of a deal, so that their two years of negotiating with Hezbollah won’t be wasted.
Leftist media hunted the government on the Regev-Goldwasser affair. The prisoner swap is a boon to the media: if public accepts the swap, the media would claim victory over the foot-dragging government. Otherwise, media will lash out against Olmert for a disproportionate deal.
Olmert has to test public nerves before the massive release of Palestinian terrorists in exchange for a meager Cpl.Shalit; it is rather unlikely that the public would explode being ripped for the second time.
Samir Kuntar, an arch-murderer of Jews, is very popular among Arabs and Israeli peace camp, and the prisoner exchange brings Olmert some new votes. On other hand, Kuntar spent three decades behind the bars in Israel, and his continued imprisonment hardly punishes him a lot.
Kuntar’s release is a great boost to Nasrallah’s public image, as the Hezbollah leader repeatedly promised to bring the high-profile terrorist back to Lebanon. Israel kept Kuntar in the hope of gaining information about the lost Jewish pilot Ron Arad, but Hezbollah apparently knows nothing about him. Disgusting as it is, it makes sense of Olmert to close the chapter.

Nasrallah: Jewish corpses worth many terrorists

Nasrallah claims that Hezbollah would demand Samir Kuntar and other Muslim terrorists in exchange for bodies of Regev and Goldwasser.
Israel had previously released minor terrorists in exchange for bodies, though the official policy remains “bodies for bodies.” Kuntar is a prized terrorist: horribly brutal, a celebrity among Arabs and leftist Jews, and unrepentant.
Thanks to his Jewish friends, Kuntar, a murderer of Jewish family, was allowed to father a number of children while in prison. The same privilege was denied to Yigal Amir for many years.

Civil war looms in Lebanon

As Rabbi Kahane used to say, “Peace between Jews and Arabs would be wonderful. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for peace between Arabs and Arabs in Lebanon. It’s so wonderful to see them all living together: Hezbollah, and Amal, and whoever else.”
Hezbollah’s leader Nasrallah announced that he recognizes a symbolic crackdown by th Lebanese government as a declaration of war. The US-propped government of Lebanon which also enjoys tacit support of mainstream Arab regimes, temporarily closed Hezbollah’s TV station for incitement, and fired the security chief of Beirut airport, a notorious venue for smuggling arms from Iran to Hezbollah. Nasrallah vowed to defend his right to bring arms from Iran, though the UN resolution which ended the 2006 war in Lebanon specifically calls for disarming Hezbollah. Of course, the brave peacekeepers tend to ignore that inconvenient clause while Israel screams of Hezbollah’s massive rearmament.
Israel likely pushes the US Administration to take a tougher stance Hezbollah, and indeed both the US, EU, and the Arab regimes grew irritated by Iran-Syria’s meddling in Lebanon. Every Arab country fears for its own Shiite population which Iran can steer at the next step.

Global terror warning for Jews

Israeli government warned all Jews abroad to refrain from assembling in large groups, following Nasrallah’s vow of revenge.
Hezbollah massively retaliated against Jews for the 1992 assassination of its previous leader, but otherwise kept its promise of fighting Israel only but not the soft targets: Jews abroad.
Mughniyeh’s assassination is great for Olmert, as he struggles to keep up his fledging government, and also for Barak, as an early start for his election campaign.
It is also possible that Mughniyeh was killed by the Lebanese who took revenge against Hezbollah for killing Rafik Hariri exactly three years ago.

Hezbollah celebrates Winograd

Nasrallah lauded Winograd report as the confirmation of Hezbollah’s victory. Other than that, the report produced no noticeable results.
Israeli Arab MK a-Sana discussed Winograd report with Hezbollah terrorists held in Israeli jail.

Israeli ministers hysterical over Nasrallah

After Hezbollah’s leader Nasrallah resurrected himself from the underground and began again speaking to public, a chorus of Israeli government officials calls for assassinating him. The last time Israel assassinated the leader of Hezbollah, hundreds of Jews died in retaliation. Such assassinations change nothing: new capable leaders appear immediately.

Hezbollah denies Nasrallah was fired

Iran proves its moderation

Khamenei reportedly removes Nasrallah from the leadership of Hezbollah’s militant wing, apparently for the reckless kidnapping of Israeli soldiers and the subsequent war in Lebanon. Iran didn’t let Hezbollah use the mid-range Zelzal-2 missiles during the 2006 war in Lebanon.
Israel’s real problem is with Pakistan’s nuclear warheads, not Iran’s.

Pope claims special ties with Hezbollah

On Shimon Peres’ request, the Pope will check with Nasrallah about the kidnapped IDF soldiers.

Hizbullah wants monopoly on terrorism in Lebanon

Hizbullah’s boss Nasrallah supports the Lebanese government’s efforts to destroy Palestinian terrorists in the refugee camp in Lebanon, but warns the government against escalation. Nasrallah is concerned that the prolonged conflict will draw Sunni guerrillas associated with Al Qaeda into Lebanon. Hizbullah and its sponsors, Syria and Iran, want a monopoly on violence in Lebanon.

Nasrallah, Arab commentators mistake Winograd report

for confirmation of IDF’s weakness. IDF was actually unprepared to fight a politically correct war with no political objective or realizable strategic goal.

Livni, Nasrallah want Olmert to quit,

Livni refuses to resign, says she wants to signal leadership, not protest. Livni has supported Olmert’s wartime decisions. Now Livni wants none of the responsibility, but to remove Olmert and lead Kadima. Olmert’s other accomplices, including Peretz, refused to quit.

Criticism mounts against Azmi Bishara

Christian Arab MK joined Hezbollah’s Nasrallah in Syria. Israeli right decry Bishara for honestly standing for the Arab goal of ethnic-blind Israel rather than Jewish state.