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Osama commemorates 9/11

In a rare speech to American public, Osama surprisingly appeared with dyed beard to look younger. Unlike the previous forgeries, now Osama looks like himself. As usual, Osama correctly lambasted Bush for the silly war in Iraq and nagged the US Administration about the sky-high costs of the invasion. Osama seems to pursue a Democratic agenda.
Claiming that Jews face no trouble from Islamists except annihilation of Israel, Osama correctly noted that Holocaust happened in Europe. He revealed ignorance when asserted that Jews could have founded refuge in Islamic countries. Moroccans eagerly deported their Jews to Nazis and large pogroms took place in Iraq during the WWII.
Osama then proceeded with socialist agenda of multinational corporations lobbying for wars, and belatedly criticized Rumsfeld for prosecuting Vietnam war. Osama praised Chomsky and showed acquaintance with his “manufacturing of concept” notion. Osama urges Americans to do away with capitalism and surprisingly approves of them doing away with chains of religion.
Osama insists on responsibility of the Americans for the actions of their government they refuse to control or prevent from waging unjust wars. Osama builds a case for mass killing of American civilians. In order to do this, he has to proof them idolaters rather than “people of the Book.” He argues, accordingly, that they worship Allah wrongly, without following his commandments. The idea is tru in Judaism, but far-fetched in Islam. Osama summarizes the American sins as polytheism, which clears for him the path to attack.
The attack, however, is nowhere near. Osama won’t have issued a statement sure to rise warning level just before the attack. He also offered Americans time to study Koran. Osama has glorious dreams, but for now the Americans seem to have cornered him.

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It’s good to know that Jews have nothing to fear except the annihilation of Israel.
Likewise, Muslims SHOULD have had nothing to fear except the nuclear destruction of Mecca, Teheran, Cairo and Damascus, plus the bombing of all the known oil wells in the Persian Gulf.
Oh yes and the Aswan dam.

So have no fear. Israelis actually are too cowardly to target you, but that doesn’t meant that they can’t.

Erick S Tel-Aviv,Israel 09 September 2007

Hello – I am the owner of the Osama Family website http://www.saudi-binladin-group.com…. The news this week announced that the Binladin family has dissociated itself from the Osama. Strangely enough the Binladin family website expired on the very same day which their estranged son and brother attacked the united stated. This family’s website expired on 9-11-01 – the same day of the US terrorist attacks. Proof and facts are at saudi-binladin-group.com…. This can also be proved from various online articles (including Wired Magazine) , discussion groups and research tools such as dialog.com. This is a little known bit in the media, but is very verifiable and is a fascinating and rarely documented part of the 9/11 story. Moreover, over the last several years, I have placed an email server which has harvested megabytes worth of email intended for Binladin brothers, corporate correspondences and even strange “Osama fan letters. I dont feel that the website was a “countdown” as some have speculated in other news groups – however, I feel it is an interesting and weird coincedence in the many stories that make up 9-11 and the Binladin family.

chris losangeles,california 11 September 2007

Chomsky has written/spoken of the “manufacturing of consent” (not
“concept”). If the supposed Osama tape, which almost certainly another fraud by the US, it would be an interesting taunt at those who see through the lies.

Terry 11 September 2007

Osama Chomsky relations don’t seem to exist actually. That’s why it’s unclear what namely in the manufacturing Consent has attracted Obama’s attention. Osama Chomsky juxtaposition is very bright because while the former destroys, the latter creates.

Randy Wheeling 13 May 2010

Orthodox Jews against homosexuality may be a reason for Arabs to make friends with Osama for them to relax a bit.

Raymond 14 Whidbey_Is 13 May 2010

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