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Orthodox Jews against California liberalism

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America lambasted the landmark decision by California’s Supreme Court which declared legal restrictions on same-sex “marriage” unconstitutional. The court’s decision came out even though a majority of Californians voted against homosexual “marriage.” California is a national tend-setter in the US, and the court’s decision will trigger a wave of similar rulings in other states.
Judaism, which mandates execution or banishment of practicing homosexuals, would look very odd in the society where homosexual “marriage” is legal. Israel legalized homosexual unions long ago.

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I think that there is a difference between marriage and union: I believe that marriage would open doors to adopting children by homosexual couples. I don’t think civil unions would.
As far as I understand, the civil union, just let’s them share their finances, including inheritance.

Ray Bright USA 20 May 2008

Yes, right

admin 20 May 2008

Orthodox Jews against homosexuality is no surprise at all of course. But what is inappropriate from the religious point of view isn’t necessaroly inappropriate from the point of view of a lay observer. Time changes and Orthodox Jews against homosexuality may look funny one day.

Bryson Wheeler_AFB 13 May 2010

This is more serious than alleged Ghetto orgies in Poland, isn’t it?

Kelly 0 Whenuapai 13 May 2010

Orthodox Judaism in California will evidently have to put up with this outrageous breach of all limits! Their number is smaller than that of the supporters of this disgusting law. But on the other hand Orthodox Judaism in California will be able to uniteeven more Jews who’ll be seeking spiritual support.

Bram Wichita 14 May 2010

Jews from California and from wherever else must be happy they didn’t have to watch again Arba falling due to the efforts of Jewish traitors.

Flynn Wickenburg 14 May 2010

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