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Opposition show: music, now words

With no MK’s speaking at the protest rallies in Tel Aviv, organizers settled for popular musicians as a way to attract and cheer up some crowds. Uzi Dayan, one of the organizers, supported Barak’s year 2000 withdrawal from Lebanon. The protests are expected to gather few people because Winograd report contained no shocking news, and mostly accuses Olmert of launching a very popular war instead of seeking unspecified political solutions.

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Israeli show music is a nice way to make some political actions! This approach is widely used in many other countries, not Israel only. Israeli show music is a sign that people are getting closer toancient Romans who wanted panem et circenses.

Andre West_Palm_Beach 13 May 2010

In Israel, Jewish majority has to work hard sometimes to manage to survive.

Anaya Westover_AFB 13 May 2010

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