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Only in Israel: EU concerned over a hunger striker

The EU’s foreign policy chief called on Israel do to everything possible to preserve health of one Khader Adnan, who for two months has been protesting his administrative detention by refusing to take food.

Administrative detention would be unacceptable in a peaceful democratic state, but in time of war it is similar to internment of POWs. The US uses it in Guantanamo and other foreign prisons, and indeed administrative imprisonment without charges is sometimes the only way to deal with enemies. What is really shameful is that Israel’s government also applies this wartime measure against conservative Jews.

As for Adnan, he has at his disposal an easy way to preserve his health: start eating.

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It seems that the EU cares more for a terrorist then the lives of the Israelis living under the threat of the constant missile barrage from Gaza.
I wonder if they would feel the same if they were exposed to the same threats?
If this terrorist wants to die-let him!

Tal ben avraham NottinghamUK 20 February 2012

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