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Olmert's strong response: none

Olmert promised retaliation for the recent rocket attack on Sderot which hot the day care center for toddlers. Today, Israeli government rejected IDF’s bid to invade Gaza. Olmert warned Gazans of cutting the water and electricity supply if that attacks persist. Olmert misses the fact that rocket attacks persist for almost two years.
IDF happily reported destroying four “rocket launchers” in Gaza. The launchers in question are tripods which cost below $100 to manufacture.
PIJ’s rocket attacks on Israel are a boon for Fatah because Israel blames Hamas for not stopping rocket attacks.
Today, Palestinian rocket hit near the nursing school in Sderot. Israel waits for Sderot residents to quietly abandon the town, but Palestinian rocket already hit close to Ashkelon.

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You are bad for jewish people and for israel, Mr. Olmert. You have to resign.

Anonymous 11 September 2007

west bank and gaza strip timeline
the wall in gaza

Zello 07 May 2008

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