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Olmert is smeared by Jewish traitor Morris Talansky

The details of Olmert’s probe became clear. Morris Talansky, a renegade American Jew, allegedly contributed to Olmert’s mayoral campaign. Morris (Moshe) Talansky, a 75-year-old rabbi, turned the state’s witness against Olmert. The affair is a credibility contest between the prime minister of Israel and a shadowy businessman.

And Talansky is a truly shadowy figure. He runs investment business from his house near New York, a company named Global Resources. Talansky once invested in Israeli satellite company ImageSat of Israel Aerospace Industries – and then sued it for over $6 billion for refusing to rent spy satellites to Hugo Chavez with whom Talansky’s partners are apparently close.

Talansky is an oddly active political campaign contributor. He has a habit of making micro-donations of less than a thousand dollars each to scores of American politicians and causes, including Bush, Giuliani, Clintons, etc. Helene Talansky handles some of his meager charities, such as semi-dead New Jerusalem Foundation. Other shareholders of Talansky’s Global Technologies company are similarly active micro-donors.

The case seems clear: a dirty businessman with maniacal desire for political involvement helps the leftists to besmear Olmert.

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“The case seems clear: a dirty businessman with maniacal desire for political involvement helps the leftists to besmear Olmert.”

Are you kidding?! Olmert turned into the left years ago, by supporting the Disengagement in Gaza, the division of Jerusalem and allegedly the turn over of the Golan Heights to Asad.
It is the left-center who support him nowadays.

Felix Stonz TelAviv 06 May 2008


I know nothing about Talansky, but if what you say is true, this is a competition between TWO traitors of the Jewish people: Talansky AND Olmert.

Michelle 07 May 2008

But unlike Ehud Barak, Olmert only keeps promising for years now. Every day Tzipi agrees with Palestinians on something and then there is no agreement. The left, however, want Olmert to follow through with the Palestinians.
If leftists support Olmert, how come they hunt him with investigations? When they supported Ariel Sharon, he had got a safety net.
BTW, we’re do not call to vote for Olmert, we support Baruch Marzel

admin 07 May 2008

“Renegade American Jew”… “Jewish traitor”….”shadowy businessman”…”dirty businessman”…”Maniacal desire”… and worst of all “Rabbi”… Do these expressions indicate unbiased reporting or a smear campaign designed to save Ehud Olmert,a man whose entire political career has been a never-ending series of financial and political scandals? The only reason he is still PM is because the entire political and judicial system in Israel is equally corrupt. The Leftist media, of course, is certainly no stranger to corruption as this article so vividly illustrates. The vilification of Talansky has officially begun.

A Simple Yid 07 May 2008

The corruption and greed of these so-called leaders (religious and otherwise) never ceases to amaze me. The Israelis need to come to the realization that support for them in the U.S. will completely erode if they continue to be perceived as playing on the good intentions of the rest of the world. A lot of people here are coming to the conclusion that Israel makes the U.S. its scapegoat when it’s convenient for them to do so. We have gone to great expense to broker peace in your part of the world, but it is the arrogance and pig-headedness of your people that prevent any headway. You claim to be Western and enlightened, but that just seems to be a smokescreen to play on the emotions of your benefactors. Aren’t you old enough to take care of yourselves anyway?

Frederick NewYork 07 May 2008

I do not know who wrote the article and has the Chutzpah of calling it “uncensored news”
I live in Israel and as afar as i know iy is the right wing who wants Olmert out of office as according to them he might “return” parts of Jerusalem and the West Bank tp the Palestinians.
They have beet at removing him since the days of the so called “Disengagement” so to say that the Isaraeli left are responsible for the Fascist state witness Morris Talansky is almost Antisemitism.

Ron silver TelAviv 07 May 2008

The author here makes many unproven claims against Rabbi Talansky, which is very wrong.

Second, has it ever occur to you that the money paid to Olmert was to attain things beneficial to the right? For instance, access to certain properties in Jerusalem? This is why the left is jumping all over this.

Eric NYC 07 May 2008

For many years he was the former Exectutive Director of American Committee for Shaare Zedek Hospital and was closely associated with Charles Bendheim z”l & Ludwig Jesselson z”l.

Anonymous 07 May 2008

I have seen this reversal syndrome coming from the far right quite a few times before, and it is clever – it takes a few years, especially for the non-hebrew-reader like myself, to grasp it, but the pattern is the same : a rightist intervention designed to head off a leftward move is painted as a leftist intervention designed to head off a rightward move. Incidentally, the U.S. press coverage is very similar to that Bwhich Ben-Ami Kadish received when he was exposed last month, right down to having a rabbinical relative saying he isn’t an extremist.

I have sort of adapted to this dialectical mirror world of psychological warfare, over the five or six years I’ve been online, from the very early days when I first saw this pattern in the work of Barry Chamish, who I gather has driven himself completely round the bend doing this over the years since that time.

Rowan Berkeley London,England 07 May 2008

It’s incorrect to say that Olmert’s entire career is marred with scandals. He was a rare MK who voted against Begin-Sharon’s giveaway of the Sinai, for example. Unlike Netanyahu who gave away Hebron and Barak who was ready to give away Jerusalem, Olmert surrendered nothing to the enemy. Don’t forget that Olmert has also bombed Syrian reactor.

admin 07 May 2008

No Jew is all good or all bad. Admin is correct that Olmert bombed the Syrian reactor. But Olmert is also the prime minister who ordered a pogrom against Jews in Amona. He is also one who is talking about giving parts of Jerusalem to Arab terror organizations. And he has been accused of providing support to terror organizations. Why isn’t he being investigated on those violations of Israeli law?

Steve Schwartz Philadelphia 08 May 2008

Olmert sell out his own to terrorists bent on destroying Jews.
Who is the dirty traitor here?

BARTON MARTIN Manhasset 08 May 2008

Did you know Mr. Talansky – an apokoris – is a member of Yeshiva University’s RIETS, from where he got Smicha

f r mayven 08 May 2008

Ah, me thinks we go to far to credit him with the syrian bombing. Me thinks it better said: when you lie down with dogs, you can’t complain about fleas.
Just think about all the political back-scratching that went on to get to this government. Now, when there is little or slow follow through on all the favors promised to the left and not many kept, except when he gets in a real jam then he removes road blocks, takes away security and hands Jewish lives directly into the hands of our enemies, and some want to give his accolades? I think not. And, who then is responsible for Lebanon II; and was he or was he not part of the government who gave away the Gaza; and has he done anything to negate this G_D-less governments efforts at putting in jeapardy Jews all across Israel.. Oh, I stand corrected, he has removed security forces, abandoned town and villages, celebrated with our enemies by allowing an open stench of killers living in the center of our homeland to raise flags honoring the slaughter of innocent children and . . .
I apologize if i used any reference to that ‘person’ in the same comments about such honored and treasured lost souls.
There is no way for one to suddenly become the devils advocate here. When one makes ones bed, it is quite customary for one to lie in it as well. They say politics makes strange bedfellows,, go figure.
There was a life, a young Jewish life
He sat and learned and opted for G_D
His thoughts were pure
His actions just
all he wanted to do was learn
There was another man, a driver,
a citizen of the first ones Home
He claimed pure thoughts also
He also claimed to be a citizen
an abider of the law.
To our minds the second was simply a liar and a terrorist
To his peoples minds he was a sacred sacrifice in their law
We refuse to acknowledge that this could be possible,
That people could deliberately lie just to get close
Just close enough to murder our children, our elderly, our loved ones.
We refuse to learn the facts of their “truth”
Their history is their “truth”
And so, we are doomed to continue in a spiral of lost Jewish souls
The Justice you have chosen has already been Discarded.

Emeq Hawaii 08 May 2008

What a Chillul Hashem…
The ex-Prez of Israel and this PM.
A light unto the nations ???

Zvi USA 08 May 2008

you can read more about the Talansky scandal in The Sun NY may 6th.

Ralph Wolff liverpool 08 May 2008

A Chillul HaShem indeed Zvi.

Emeq Hawaii 10 May 2008

technion israel
support israel

Zello 12 May 2008

Olmert smeared? Who the hell are you? What kind of [MODERATED] self-hating Jews are you???? Yechiel-LA

Yechiel LA 24 May 2008

Olmert, yes is smeared. If you read the post, it would be clear for you why. He did nothing worse than any other politician in Israel and probably abroad, as well.

admin 25 May 2008

If peace is arranged with syria soon. Daniel prophecy of Jacobs trouble will begin. 1973 Assad elected U.S legilizes child murder 25 years of innocent blood shed 45 million children killed.

James Smith Kannapolis 27 May 2008

Okay…can no one here see that Talansky engineered these so-called “abuses”?

Here, in the United States, that is called ENTRAPMENT.

hANOVER fIST 911liarsexposed.blogspot.com 17 July 2008

Let us see how the Israeli prosecution would dance the line between impinging Morris Talansky’s credibility by granting him immunity and Talansky’s refusal to testify

admin 03 May 2009

Yes, Talansky is Jewish traitor!

Alex 03 May 2009

Ehud Olmert, Morris Talansky, Global Resources are a part of one puzzle. Ehud Olmert, Morris Talansky, Global Resources may be regarded as opposition but nevertheless they are some kind of allies.

Nicoli West_Hills 04 May 2010

OECD membership is another issue Talansky is involved into.

Casey Westland 04 May 2010

Jews’ traitor is not new for israel. During its history there were quite a lot of guys similar to this one. The only positive thing about it is that alongside Jews’ traitor there are still people who are ready to die for the sake of well-being of their country.

Dace Yankton 19 May 2010

All-time terrorism high support in Arabic countries finds its realization even in people like Talansky.

Iain Yap_Island 19 May 2010

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