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Olmert, Barak: No right of return

Israeli politicians universally reject the right of return for the Arab refugees of 1948 because Israel must remain a Jewish state. If, however, it is permissible to expel some Arabs (in 1948) to keep Israel Jewish, why isn’t it permissible to expel all Arabs now for the same purpose?

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Zello 12 May 2008

The modern day Asherah poles (indicative of Biblical reference to pagan practices in the land [Ha Aretz]) are nothing less than Israels’ almost countless Mosques and minarets! These buildings should be torn down and utterly destroyed plus those who use them should be deported forever!
Whereas many genuine Christians are in full and complete support of Israel and make very good law abiding Citizens or permanent residents. By Christian, I do not mean any of the following: The Roman Catholic or The Eastern Orthodox or The Russian Orthodox ‘churches.’

Melvin Cownzowfski Karmiel21702 24 February 2011

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