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Odd fighting in Libya

Bribed by the rebels with Western money, Berber tribes attacked Gadhafi’s government forces in Western Libya and established control of their region. The Berbers managed to defend their mountainous turf against an additional brigade dispatched by Gadhafi.

In that Afghanistan-type warfare, nomads were able to defeat a regular army because it refrained from making total war on them.

Likewise, the NATO limits its action against Gadhafi to shock-and-awe air strikes, a long-discredited tactic which cannot force out a determined ruler.

And Gadhafi refrains from using his advanced SAM batteries against hapless and untrained NATO pilots.

The US has not imposed a real, Iraq-type oil embargo on Libya. Italy and other EU states who buy Libyan oil finance the very regime they are currently fighting.

The European expenses incurred by the Libyan war remain moderate, far less than mega-projects such as the Greek bailout. British and French leaders, though, continue to raise the issue of costs, as if to provide a rationale for limiting the war effort.

It seems that no one really wants to win the Libyan war, which greatly benefits Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Western oil corporations by increasing their profits.

War in Libya

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