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Obama's Iraq fiction

Obama may have broken his election-year promises about the timeline of removing the US troops from Iraq, but at least he appears ready to finally remove them by the year’s end.

Think again. The number of American military personnel left behind in Iraq as defense contractors, equipment trainers, security providers, and—most of all—the personnel of their four air bases will be at least 40,000, a third less than the peak combat number. Those soldiers will come under attack by Shiite militias and Sunni terrorists, who will see their victory against America just a step away.

Thus the US-Iraqi debacle will continue, now mishandled by Panetta in his new capacity as Defense Secretary after the ecologist’s ruinous career at the CIA.

Obama in Iraq

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Obama seems dead set on spending our last nickle on that sweat pit, I doubt we ever leave.

chuck bendor 23 July 2011

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