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Obama's grandfather - black terrorist

The Times reports that Barack Hussein Obama’s Kenyan grandfather was an active member of Mau Mau revolt, which is now misinterpreted as a popular uprising against British rule. It was not so: just thirty-two British citizens were killed. The participating tribes butchered between 50,000 and 200,000 of each others’ members with considerable brutality; children constituted up to half the victims.

On a side note, British troops behaved in their usual manner: there are abundant reports of torture, killing of POWs, mass executions, and rape. Fifty years after the event, the British presume to lecture us on the treatment of our Palestinian enemies.

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Black terrorist relative of Obama is something really interesting. How could they miss it during election campaign, I wonder? Black terrorist relative of Obama is original even for the US. Especially, when you remember September 11th.

Stacy Watertown 04 May 2010

Brzezinski anti-semitism dades against this news.

Titus Waterville 04 May 2010

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