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Obama's cousin-in-law a fake Jew

Capers FunnyeObama’s wife’s cousin Capers Funnye is a fake Jew and self-proclaimed “rabbi.” He believes the true Jews are black and calls normal Jews racist for being unwilling to accept those fakes. To be sure, they are not even the Ethiopian Jews, but common African-Americans.

Capers Funnye underwent liberal conversion to Judaism, as did many of his followers. Israel doesn’t recognize such conversions, but liberal rabbis of Chicago admitted Funnye to the city’s Board of Rabbis. Their city is the home of the infamous “Chicago Israelites,” the black anti-Semites posing as Jews.

Capers Funnye’s ordination comes from an outfit in Harlem called the “Israelite Board of Rabbis, Inc.,” which is not recognized by any Jewish rabbinical body. For decades, the “Israelite Board of Rabbis” has supplied fake black rabbis to fake black Jews. Now it also supplies Obama with fake Jewish cousins.

Funnye serves as a consultant to “The Black Holocaust Museum,” an institution that hijacks the Holocaust into the service of American blacks. These people compare their life in America (which is much better than in their native Africa) to the Holocaust.

Most incredibly, Obama’s campaign is using that fake Jewish cousin and “rabbi” as a proof of Obama’s pro-Jewish attitude. A great fellow is that Hussein: his friends range from government anti-Semites (Brzezinski, Lake) to religious anti-Semites (his pastor), to radical anti-Semites (Samantha Power), to the Black hijackers of Judaism.

Rabbi Meir Kahane condemned the Israeli government for allowing a few of them to move to Israel after several countries had expelled those troublesome fakes, and he vowed to expel them, too.

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Before you slander someone, please get your facts straight.

Although Funnye’s congregation describes itself as Ethiopian Hebrew, it is not connected to the Ethiopian Jews, commonly called Beta Israel, who have immigrated to Israel en masse in recent decades. It is also separate from the Black Hebrews in Dimona, Israel, and the Hebrew Israelite black supremacist group whose incendiary street harangues have become familiar spectacles in a number of American cities.

Funnye converted to Judaism and was ordained as a rabbi under the supervision of black Israelite rabbis, then went through another conversion supervised by Orthodox and Conservative rabbis. He serves on the Chicago Board of Rabbis.

LV USA 30 October 2008

Actually, I’ve met the guy. His conversion was not Orthodox. Just think about it, how can a conversion be supervised by “both Orthodox and Conservative”? The Orthodox won’t serve on the same beit-din with Masorti. That liberal Jews accepted him on the Board of Rabbis is no wonder. For all I know, his congregation involves only the similarly fake converts.
I agree with you that he is not involved predominantly with the fake black “Jews.” But consider that they are not a homogeneous group. Some are indeed the clowns who claim themselves the true Jews while others undergo nominal conversions like he did.

admin 30 October 2008

Israel doesn’t recognize such conversions, but liberal rabbis of Chicago admitted Funnye on the city’s Board of Rabbis.

If it was done by Conservative Rabbis, Israel does recognize it, based on the Supreme Court decision. You can argue that it’s a secular body later. Yet, that doesn’t change the government’s recognition.

Second, he really hasn’t been that vocal on support for Obama. I don’t know why he gets criticized when thousands of other Jews with more limelight, visibly throw their support behind Obama. Blame Obama for politicizing him and using him just as he used his crazy preacher to get popular support in the black community. Clearly that’s Obama’s modus operandi.

Finally, some are real converts, some are probably not. But, if they live by the Noahide laws and respect Jews, then I believe that they deserve some respect.

Anonymous 30 October 2008

Actually, Israel recognizes conservative conversions performed only by a handful of beit-dins authorized by the haredi Rabbinical Court of Israel. Such beit-dins were approved, a handful of them, just months ago. I don’t know but the chance is, Funnye’s conversion was performed by the rabbis not included on the approved beit-din later. My guess is quite informed: performing such a notorious conversion would have disqualified the beit din in the eyes of the Orthodox establishment.

The government recognition of fake giyur is quite irrelevant: it accepts Slavs with Jewish great-grandfather as Jews, as well.

The only reason for us to bring up the Funnye’s issue was because Obama supporters use him as a proof of Obama’s Jewish leanings.

Funnye doesn’t respect Jews. He’s a typical black supremacist. To him, the original Jews are black and the white Jews are racists.

admin 31 October 2008

Wow. You have nothing to substantiate his anti-White racism. That he is trying to build relations with nominal Judaism doesn’t matter to you. That he rejects the true racists in the Black Hebrews movement (now in Dimona) doesn’t matter to you. You instead bring spurious charges about some “Black Holocaust Museum” without supplying citation. These charges (as well as race-baiting in general) are part of why Obama clearly won the election.

Regardless of what you think of the President-Elect himself, I at least wish R’ Funnye the best. It’s the best I can do with my chiyyuv of not oppressing the convert (who is kosher as it included at least one Sh”Sh Orthodox rabbi)!

B.BarNavi 09 November 2008

I don’t see how I can prove to you that Funnye denigrates white Jews.
Obama won the election not because he’s black – there are many decent blacks around, but because he is an unprincipled leftist who bathes in lies.
About Funnye’s “Orthodox” conversion – not an Orthodox rabbi makes a conversion kosher, but a recognized beit din – which is not the case with Funnye. You can always find a crackpot who calls himself Orthodox to perform giyur. Rahm Emanuel calls himself Orthodox, as does Michael Lerner, etc.

admin 10 November 2008

I have outmost respect for someone who (1) calls himself Jewish from a non-Jewish family/background/culture, (2) proudly supports and identifies with Israel and its plight, and (3) will stand up for Judaism and you even knowing that you will not stand up for him.
In my eyes, he is clearly more Jewish than you or I (beit-din or not). We just happened to be born this way. You are arguing semantics, not the essence.

Igal 24 November 2008

But a Polynesian aborigine can also call himself Jews. Capers is one of those blacks who says they are real Jews and we the white ones are racists for our alleged failure to recognize that.

admin 24 November 2008

I have read and seen interviews with Rabbi Capers Funnye. He is a bone fide Jew of African American extraction – a Black Jew. This is totally different from black supremacist or Hebraist cults. Why the hostility? He has been ordained properly and has a deep committment to Judaism.

Given this, the question people who throw around accusations of ‘fake’ Jews must ask: are converts to Judaism ever to be accepted or not? If they are, then what is the problem with African Americans becoming Jewish provided their motivations are pure and proper halachic conversion is followed? Jews do not all look the same. Yet you do not call blonde Jews ‘fake’ simply for being of Polish extraction. The Lemba Jews in Zambia who are very negroid have been DNA tested and have links with some Israelis.

Funnye had said he considers Jews to be originally from Africa. That does not mean he thinks that a White Jews is somehow not Jewish – indeed central to Judaism (and Islam for that matter) is kinship with other communities within the House of Israel (in the same way there is the Umma in Islam). Black American converts to Judaism (i’m not talking about Black Hebrews) are people you yearn to be Jewish in their hearts – surely the purest kind of conversion is a longing to become part of that tradition?

Instead of hostility you should be happy that new communities are coming to Judaism and indeed rejoice in new brothers and sisters. Does not the Torah command that converts be treated with even greater love and respect for having chosen to be among you?

Nick LondonUK 04 January 2009

Capers was neither converted nor ordained properly. He was converted in a Harlem “black synagogue” and passed a disreputable “private ordination.” Indeed, he preaches to fake converts like himself.

admin 04 January 2009

Oh really? Is this why the Rabbi sits on a Board with white Jews – because he’s ‘fake’?

If a Black Rabbi is properly ordained (and i believe he was properly ordained) then why shouldn’t he as a Jew ordain others?

And why throw around this nonsense ‘fake’ accusation? Do you believe converts can be Jewish or don’t you? Who in your view is a Jew, given that most Jews in Israel do not look particularly alike?

Nick LondonUK 30 January 2009

You might believe whatever you wish, but Capers Funnye was neither converted nor ordained properly.
And the Jews whom he sits with on the board are regrettably political conformists who sacrifice religion to their assimilatory goals.

admin 30 January 2009

12. please provide evidence not diatribe you are being influenced i as non american would have to say political prejudices and anti semism of the highest order it is the same way as ethiopian jewry were treated and spoken of as falashas the diaspora clearly spread read book of tudor parfitt

dh claphamuk 31 January 2009

You’re right in a sense. Falashas with crosses tattooed on their foreheads are “Jews” on par with that Capers Funnye. The fellow did not undergone the Orthodox conversion process, point.

admin 31 January 2009

Capers Funnye converted to Judaism, he also obtained degrees in Jewish studies. I am quoting this from his statements. Seems he took the appropiate measures to become a rabbi. What I find totally disheartening moreso than him not becoming ordained by European Jews is that there are so few African or African American rabbis. He is like one of the only or the closest to being one. It seems that there is definitely a lock down on who is allowed to be Jewish and not and rabbi and not. Anyway I understand there are many different cultures and races of Jews in Israel. Why would it not be fitting that there be a rabbi also who are black and prefer a certain style of expression and culture? Or is it only appropiate for European Jews to lead everyone? Just seems like more of the “same ole same ole” that can be found in nearly any organization in America. Why would the American Jews not encourage Jews from all communities to go out and lead those that want to be led by them?

desiring conversion not racist, self serving dramatude detroit 10 March 2009

There is indeed a lock on who’s allowed to be Jewish: proper converts, not some self-appointed rabbis

admin 10 March 2009

The writer of this article is obviously a rascist himself. If you did some more research, you will see that this Man is trying to bring Jews of Europena descent together with Jews of African descent. Plus before you start calling names you should get your DNA done and check out the Khzars.

Yishai Denver 03 April 2009

Oh, that exactly that Capers Funnye’s point: that we the Jews are Khazars (good Jews, btw) and some American blacks are Jews resurrected.
When Ethiopians convert and practice Judaism, I can only recognize them as Jewish. When some Harlem black receive fake ordination from fellow gangsters and rappers, that does not make him Jewish.

admin 03 April 2009

Admin, do you have a cross in your closet ready to burn along with a white sheet you like to wear? That is what it sounds like, you don’t sound Jewish, you sound like you are a European who has no connection with the Middle East or Africa. I would guess Russia or Poland.

Jose 03 April 2009

Cross… A curious accusation from someone named Jose. Or is it Yishai, since both comments come from the same IP? Make up your mind: Jose is not Yishai.

admin 03 April 2009


“Funnye says, he realized that his Jewish credentials were too limited and exotic for the kind of outreach efforts that he wanted to do. So he enrolled at the mainstream Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Judaic Studies. And in 1985 he underwent a second conversion, this one certified by a Conservative rabbinical court.”

Furthermore, the Israeli supreme court in 2002 ruled that the Ultra-orthodox rabbincal council’s definition of a Jew in terms of Israeli law is meaningless: jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Society_&_Culture/convert.html

The guy seems alright. Maybe you should give him a chance and not make hairtrigger superficial judgments.

Justin NYC 09 April 2009

A conservative conversion has as much validity for us as Christmas. It is for a reason that Capers Funnye got Conservative rather than proper conversion: no Orthodox rabbi would have converted that anti-Semite. Funnye’s rabbinical ordination is likewise fake.
Likewise, the atheist Supreme Court would better stick to its matters instead of meddling in religion.

admin 09 April 2009

Admin – Are you saying you only recognize Orthodox conversions? I don’t understand… What about conversions done by all the American Conservative, Reconstructionist and Reform rabbis?

bloomie 20 April 2009

They are as valid as those performed by Polynesian chieftains.
In practice, reformist conversions are no different from Allah Akbar proclamations as they involve no religious obligations whatsoever: a reform “rabbi” would convert anyone regardless of Shabbat and kashrut observance because the “rabbi” does not keep them himself. I’m not aware of reconstructionist conversions. Conservative ones range from substantially Orthodox to reformist sham. Capers Funnye’s conversion, though technically conservative, was of the reformist stock.

admin 20 April 2009

I believe what is symbolized by the Star of David, as above so below; accordingly, you accept Funnye’s conversion if it was halacha and/or Orthodox?

daniyel indpls 26 September 2009

Halachic is Orthodox. Funnye’s conversion wasn’t.

admin 26 September 2009

then it is clear that you do not reject him for racial reasons as some of your detractors imply, but because his conversion is not orthodox. I can respect that because too many have gotten away from Torah

daniyel indianapolis 27 September 2009

“You do not call blond Jews fake”, do you? This is one of the most widespread reasons for Afro-Americans. But after all,they seem to be right here. “You do not call blond Jews fake” in Israel.

Payton Wasco 04 May 2010

Obama reneges on his Guantanamo promise and Jews have never promised to be fond of Afro-American “Jews”.

Cian Waseca 04 May 2010

Fake Jews is some phobia or mental disordfer quite a lot of Israelis suffer from. They seem to be searching for “fake Jews” wherever they can and don’t understand that religious views is something personal and if a perdson decides to stick to Judaism, this is none of the Israelis’ business.

Giancarlo Waukegan 04 May 2010

Each nation has their own manias. For instance, Americans and Europeans always search for terrorists and they’ve even found a black terrorist relative of Obama.

Dallas Waukesha 04 May 2010

But if there’re Polynesian Jews, will Israelis call them fake as well? Just because of their nationality? But these Polynesian Jews may be ten times more religious than Israelis are.

Amery Waynesburg 04 May 2010

OECD bank of Israel has been lashed by actually behaves in the same way as Jews do in reference to non-Israeli Jews.And it’s stupid.

Lawrence Weirton 04 May 2010

why do people make excuses for this faker?
his conversion is not authentic. he is not jewish.
a conservative conversion is not authentic. further, he subscribes to ugly racist theories about the khazars and blacks as the original jews.
this garbage helps no one. it is not the truth.

worse, in today’s climate, to assert the truth gets you called a racist.

well, funnye is a prime example of a faker trafficking in lies. he is a friend of farrkhan, even an apologist for him. no one can defend that. in discussions like these you can tell who the racists are, who the uniformed liberal jews are and who the real people are.

there are plenty of REAL african jews from ethiopia living in israel. there are also REAL authentic converts like ahuvhah gray (her book “my sister the jew”…and others…

instead of paying attention to this faker, check out who is real. and the REAL jews come from different places including europe, america, north africa, persia, yemen and ISRAEL>

real deal 29 February 2012

Whoever wrote this article is a rasist

Loco 22 June 2012

Shalom. You people are truly ridiculous. To put a stop to your unrighteous bickering in the sight of That Which Is, to settle all argument, you people need to just do a thorough DNA scan. NOT from European descendants who call themselves ‘jews’,or Euro-Asian, but from the DNA genetic make-up directly from the source. Dig down several kilometers in the soil of Northeast Akebulan (today called Israel, Jordan etc.), and run the trans of those who call themselves ‘jews’, ‘israelites’, ‘bnai israel’, etc. Let the TRUTH be revealed, and in doing so, HONOR the results and GIVE THE LAND BACK TO THOSE WHOM IT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS! No argument is needed. No bickering or name calling needed. History has proven many things but My people continue to be despiritualized because they are ignorant to the depth of what has been done to them. In pulling the genetic make-up from the oldest soul samples (which all elemental mineral traces will reside within the DNA of those whose genetics most favor Those Who Came Before, ALL TRUTH will be revealed. Until then, YOU ARE ALL WRONG! And while your being wrong, your arrogance will continue to aide in the demise and unbalancement of the universe. As it was written. In the name of That Which Creates All Things In Existence, I come in peace, speak in peace, and leave you the same. Shalom. (p.s. Back in 1990 while serving in the ‘middle east desert storm conflict’, I took 30 day leave and went to Zoar, Jordan, Jerusalemand Yemen, and while doing so, I keep vials of soil. never considering that years later, after studying researching, and listening to the world, that I would decide to use the soil samples as genetic trace references. All I will say for now is YAHUWAH NISSI wa’YAHUWAH KHAI! I look forward to the day I release the paper files to the world. TRUTH needs no support!)

Nabi Yahniyah Ben Yisrael ChattanoogaTennessee,NewBabylon 21 July 2012

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