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Obama's anti-Semite advisor lashes out against Israel

The anti-Semite par excellence Zbigniew Brzezinski gave a hilarious interview to MSNBC. He claimed that Hamas attacks on Sderot were not lethal, just annoying, and therefore the Israeli military response was unwarranted. Because the Kassam fire went on for so many years, Brzezinski considers it unimportant.

Brzezinski is also concerned about the IDF operation affecting the emotions of the poor Palestinians and their attitude to Israel (which must have been so benevolent a week ago). He laments that the moderate Fatah looks collaborationist. So collaboration with Israel on restoring peace is shameful. Thousands of Fatah members who languish in Israeli jails can testify to the terrorist group’s moderation.

Brzezinski calls for forcing a settlement on the Israelis and Palestinians regardless of their will. He blames the current conflict on Bush.

Some of Brzezinski’s responses are plain lunatic. He argues that Arafat didn’t stonewall the best deal Barak the traitor offered him. In fact, Obama’s adviser claims that Barak’s proposal, which included Jerusalem, was somehow controversial for Arafat.

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This Zbig is a nutcase. If he is going to be Obama’s adviser then God help America.

David Zohar Jerusalem,Israel 01 January 2009

This guy Zbig is a lunatic and joe got to the point , good for you joe ! Arafat got a good deal but he did not take it, as the same the arabs never sign the UN resolution when the state of Israel was declared, the jews signed it and the arabs did not. if they did sign all this problems that we are having now could be avoided

Paula 01 January 2009

Re; Zbigniew Brzezinski
I`m shocked that this man is going to be advisor to Obama! In light of this I think Israel is in for even worse problems with the Arab world and Hamas. Bible prophecy will surely be fulfilled but Almighty God will come to her rescue!

Carole COLWYNBAY 17 January 2009

You people are living in a bubble. Ziggy is perceptive.

Sarah M Chicago 24 January 2009

Brezinski anti-Semite attitude is typical of the double-faced United States. This country suffers from a multi-personality disorder. Brezinski anti-Semite shows real attitude in Obama’s administration to Jews.

Corey Waltham 03 May 2010

Mitchell’s right of return shows total contempt towards Jews, i.e. Brzezinski isn’t the only one.

Vincenzo Warner_Robins 03 May 2010

Brzezinski anti-semitism is well-known all over the world. The only thing which is unclear is how Obama ay put up with Brzezinski anti-semitism when he tries to be on friendly terms with Israel.

Mario Waterbury 04 May 2010

Actually, there’s anti-semitism within Israel itself. “You do not call blond Jews fake” but Jews do not recognize people whose skin color is different from theirs as Jews irrespective of how strict they are when Torah commandments are concerned.

Russell Waterloo 04 May 2010

Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski anti-semite character is not a surprise and jail has been expecting his visit for a long long time.Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski anti-semite characteris what an American President strives for being too hypocritic to acknowledge it openly.

Gaylord DodgeCity 22 May 2010

Israel polygamy and prostitution is what Brzezinski trying to use against the Jewish state. And sometimes he succeeds.

Jan HOMO Caracas 22 May 2010

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