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Obama's adviser calls for wiping Israel off the map

Samantha Power, an ultra-leftist crackpot was Barack Obama’s long-time adviser on foreign policy. She was forced to resign after using obscene words in reference to Hillary Clinton. Samantha remains very close to Hussein Obama. During the time of being his adviser, she recorded a video with her take on Israel. Reportedly, Hussein Obama knew about the video and did not object to Samantha’s stance.
Besides the anti-Semitic remarks about Jewish cabal in America, Samantha called for building “mammoth military force” in Palestine, financed with American money so that Palestinians can use “dreadful… undemocratic” measures against Israel.

Obama’s advisers on Israel, including anti-Semites Brzezinski and Lake, advocate similar attitude toward Jews.

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This news feature doesn’t contain any sources or evidence. It’s like a parody of itself. If the video is around, why not quote from the transcript of link to it, or link to a credible new source? Absent that, this comes off as ground zero for new and false rumor aimed at discrediting Obama.

Charles NewYork 10 October 2008

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