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Obama ups the stakes with Iran

Four US clients in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and Jordan, have announced their plans for “peaceful” nukes. Their plans cannot be credible: unlike Iran, the sheikhdoms lack engineers to operate the facilities. It takes someone more educated than the Bedouins to run nuclear programs.

The sheikhdoms wouldn’t risk a squabble with Iran on their own, which means they were encouraged by the US. Obama’s reasoning is straightforward: tell Iran that it would gain no comparative advantage by producing the bomb.

Hussein the president is wrong on two counts. First, ayatollahs deal in apocalypse rather than realpolitik; they would welcome a Middle East riddled with nuclear weapons. Second, they are much smarter than the Harvard graduate, and know that the Arabs won’t be able to develop the bomb.

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Well its like the Brittany Spheres song?OOPS I DID IT AGAIN!For some one who is supposed to be so smart?haha! how come hesay things that are so stupid!Without his Trusty telelprompter telling him what to say?hes dumber than dumb?Like you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear you can’t make a president out of a “manchurian candidiate”!but IT looks like you can buy the white house with some lies and a whole lot of money?and the media that IS IN HIS POCKET? What happened to Woodward and Bernstien reporters that used to do their jobs? Now if youare a vet and disagree with obamas policys your a racists and a “low level terrorist”
Like in the spirit of Elijah we need the spirits of Woodward and Bernstien to come and rip this administration a new a hole?and show them what should happen to corrupt men who lie and steal from american citizens?

Jimmy Muskogee 30 April 2010

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