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Obama: the rich man's president

The latest financial disclosure from Barack Obama’s campaign puts his campaign donations close to $1 billion, almost twice the cumulative spending by all presidential candidates in 2004. The amount includes both the money donated directly to Obama’s campaign and that donated to various DNC initiatives, all of which eventually wound up in Obama’s coffers.

Half a billion came from large donors in $1,000+ amounts. Common donors, variously defined as having contributed less than $25 to less than $250, account for less than a quarter of Obama’s funding. Obama purchased much more airtime than did McCain, and basically bought his way into the White House.

The US Supreme Court is expected to toss out on Monday the Donofrio suit which very reasonably alleges that Obama cannot be the president since he is not a natural born US citizen. Obama had dual citizenship at birth following his father’s British nationality, and he was not born in the mainland US. The court prefers to stay away from this kind of politically charged issues.

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