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Obama supports the right of return?

Speaking in Beirut, Obama’s envoy Mitchell assured the Lebanese that the American rapprochement with Syria and the Palestinians won’t come at their expense. Obama’s unwavering commitment to Lebanese interests contrasts with his attitude toward Israel.

Mitchell announced that Obama will conduct an “aggressive policy” against Israel, relentlessly pushing it for capitulation to the Palestinians. Perhaps the President of the Occupied United States of America would return his country to the Native Indians first?

The only interest the Lebanese have in an Israeli-Palestinian agreement is getting rid of the hated residents of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. The Lebanese dread the prospect of the antisocial Palestinians staying in their country permanently.

The West Bank Palestinians don’t want their brethren to return, either.

Mitchell’s commitment can only mean he plans to push Israel to accept the thugs.

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Mitchell’s right of return is outrageous if we remember about native Americans. But on the other hand this Mitchell’s right of return demonstrates that Americans are too self-confident and are there’s no power which could ever stop them.

Zorion Wallowa 03 May 2010

Obama reneges on Guantanamo promise which is accepted as pretty normal. But the afct that Israelis may simply not want dirty Palestinians back to their countryis regarded as something extraordinary.

Rae Walnut_Creek 03 May 2010

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