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Obama reneges on Guantanamo promise

Closing down the Guantanamo prison and military tribunals was Obama’s rallying cry during the elections. But now, as the administration’s lawyers have confirmed the impossibility of prosecuting terrorists in American courts on flimsy evidence, Obama has agreed to continue the military tribunals.

To offset the outcry, the administration has asked Germany to grant political asylum to former Guantanamo detainees. No country, America included, wants to admit the terrorists, but Obama lacks the common sense to dump those stateless persons back into Afghanistan or just execute them quietly.

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well so much for any foresight or hind sight for Obama,he signs the order without thinking of the repercussions of his stupidity.closing the jail without so much as a thought to where or how to get it done?or where these “TERROIST”are to be released?Well stupid is as stupid does?his name should be Forrest Obama osama.He also cried bring the troops home in 16 moniths”TO AFGANDISTAN”.Every thing he promised before the election he ’s switched,he’s playing ball with the enemy and you are letting him get away with it?

Runninbear Muskogee 04 May 2009

Obama reneges on Guantanamo promise but politicians never keep their promises as it turns out. Obama reneges on Guantanamo promise which is a blemish for American democracy.

Raymond Walla_Walla 03 May 2010

Israel Iran terrorists may be much kinder and more humane than the staff in this prison.

Ezequiel Wallace 03 May 2010

Obama reneges on his promise but demands that other countries stick to theirs. Is it fair? Probably, Israel should try to draw more attention to this issue in the UN. What would they say about the fact that Obama reneges on his promise to get rid of this jail but still has enough boorishness to contemplate about democracy in America.

Quin Warren 03 May 2010

Brzezinski anti-Semite moods reflect the whole atmosphere in Obama’s administration.

Nari Warwick 03 May 2010

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