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Obama placates Jews, Arabs

Speaking in turn to Israelis and Palestinians, the visiting American demagogue had nice words for everyone.

To Israelis, Obama spoke of the Iranian threat and promised to use “big carrots and big sticks” against Iran. By the time he expends the big carrots, nuclear Iran won’t be susceptible to any sticks.
Obama reiterated his fake position that Jerusalem must remain a Jewish capital. That statement doesn’t exclude the city also becoming a Palestinian capital – and Obama, the Black demagogue of Muslim origin, commanded Jews to discuss Jerusalem status with Palestinians.

Obama visited Sderot, where he revealed to the assembled Jews that the child Twito, wounded in a Kassam attack, represents the courage of Jews. That should be taken as Obama’s voice against Israel courageously attacking her Muslim terrorist enemies making thousands of Gazans courageous but disabled victims of Jews.

Obama welcomed Netanyahu’s economic incentives for Palestinians. Sort of the Jews helping the Weimar Republic to cut down inflation.

Then, Osama met with Abu Mazen’s thugs and encouraged them in their fight with Zionist aggressors, promised supporting their demands.

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Obama turning Jews over to Arabs is a sorry sight! Sooner or later, the US will have to make a decision who they’d like to support.And here Obama turning Jews over to Arabs will definitely have to face a number of difficulties.

Fa Wake_Island 03 May 2010

Obama establishes “Palestinian state in two years” that’s why he is at ease with both parties.

Demetrius Wakefield 03 May 2010

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