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Obama: Palestinian state in two years?


According to the Maan, Abbas presented Obama with a document outlining the boundaries of a Palestinian state, signed by Russia, Britain, France, the UN, China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

According to A-Sharq Al-Awsat, Obama has already presented Netanyahu with a plan to finalize Israeli capitulation to Palestinian terrorists within two years.

If true, that would explain the negotiation frenzy of Arab leaders, who talk among themselves and push for Fatah-Hamas reconciliation. The Arab attitude toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has drastically changed in the past few years: Arabs wanted the conflict before, but would prefer to end it now. Formerly a vent for popular discontent in Arab countries, the conflict has become a rallying cry for Islamists.

Hamas will unveil its own peace program hours after Netanyahu’s speech on Sunday.

Netanyahu’s refusal to pronounce the phrase “a two-state solution” is odd because even Lieberman has accepted the formula, which he expects never to materialize. It is unlikely that Bibi is deliberately upping the stakes with Obama to make a fictitious concession on the two-state issue.

Bibi cannot fail to understand that in the peace framework the demand for a construction freeze makes sense: all new houses take additional land, and it does not matter that that land has previously been walled off inside the settlements. The Americans want a strict status quo, with no more land grabs.

We have a good chance of returning to the old stalemate, where both parties agree on the goals and none can implement the means.

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Obama establishes “Palestinian state in two years” as if it was American influence area! But Arabs can never be trusted no matter what it deals with. Obama establishes “Palestinian state in two years”? may be, we’ll see.

Walter Waimea 03 May 2010

News, toleration are the key points of all obama’s projects. The only thing he forgets about is that man proposes, God disposes.

Mallory Waipahu 03 May 2010

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